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What is BeachBody Coaching

SNEAK PEAK, You’re Invited … What is BeachBody Coaching!!

*** MUST comment on or send me a PRIVATE FACEBOOK MESSAGE to take part **** www.facebook.com/coachlindy1 This is open to everyone in Canada and the United States who want to know what BeachBody coaching is all about  You are invited to my person sneak peak into what BeachBody coaching is all about! What is BEachBody Coaching, Sneak PEAK!!!! Ask and you shall receive!!! I’m hosting another SNEAK PEEK GROUP into BeachBody Coaching starting Monday August 17th!! The sneak peak is 100% free, no obligations!!! .…

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BeachBody Coaching on Fox 26 News

BeachBody Coaching has hit main stream on Fox 26 News in Houston Texas!!! A local Houston Texas  BeachBody coach made the big screen, or the news I should say by talking about BeachBody Coaching, and the 21 Day Fix Home Fitness Program! The segment is less than 5 minutes but touches base on BeachBody Coaching, what the 21 Day Fix Program, and how much money some BeachBody Coaches ARE MAKING ! It is a very well done segment that Fox 26 News put together, if…

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BeachBody Diamond

I am Officially A Diamond In BeachBody

I am Officially A Diamond In BeachBody!!! Wow! I am beyond excited to officially say that I am a Diamond in BeachBody!! I started my journey on June 17th 2014, and exactly 2 months later I was a Diamond with the amazing company BeachBody. Our ranking changes don’t take place until the following Thursday so I had to hold off on my excitement until today… it was tough!!! I have an absolutely incredible team of coaches who I wouldn’t have reached this rank without, so…

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