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Real People Real Results – My Friends & The 21 Day Fix Program

Real People Real Results – My friends and Family with the 21 Day Fix Program from BeachBody Have you ever wondered what it looks like for someone who is dedicated and constant ( for the most part) to their health and fitness for a 1 year span? WELL MEET Danielle !!!!!! It has been 1 year since she decided it was time for her to make that healthy change in her life and came to me to get started on her journey ( well her…

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~You Have The Choice~

“The ONLY person you are hurting by not exercising and eating healthy is YOU” Love this quote, it reminds me of something someone close to me always says every time I want to cave and stuff my face with a pizza, or watch a movie instead of working out…  You have to truly want to live a health & fit life or you just won’t… and you have to want it for you… simple as that! Once you truly want it you will do anything…

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T25 Challenge Pack

Get Fit in 10 Weeks

Get Fit in 10 Weeks Back my popular demand I am hosting a T25 Virtual Challenge!  Have you ever said to yourself  I don’t have time to work out?  I don’t like going to the gym?  I don’t have enough energy?  I am too busy with my kids?  You know what i’m talking about, all those excuses we like to tell ourselves! It’s time to eliminate those if you want results… bottom line!  On September 1st my virtual fitness challenge will kick off!  This challenge…

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Are You Ready to Lose Weight Safely?

Are you ready to get in the best shape of your  life? HUGE SALE THIS MONTH!!!! T25 Challenge pack is on sale for a limited time  I am looking for people who want to lose 10-30 pounds in 10 weeks! I am putting together a focused challenge group for individuals who have used the excuse “I don’t have time to workout”. Focus T-25 is ideal for those with busy schedules because it’s only 25 minutes a day/5 days a week! This workout program is intense but includes…

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PiYo BeachBody

PiYo All Good Things Come To An End …

PiYo, BeachBody All good things must come to an end…especially when it comes to a sale!! There are only a couple more days to get in on my PIYO Challenge for the introductory sale price. Do you want to lose 10 to 20 pounds in only 60 days? Get ready to define yourself with the BRAND NEW PIYO! This low impact AT HOME workout is easy on the body and is suitable for ALL fitness levels. PIYO is a mix of pilates and yoga that…

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Throw Out the Magic Pills If You Want to Lose Weight !

Throw out the magic pills if you actually want to lose weight and keep it off! 21 Days Ago I started my body transformation to get the body I once had back… 21 Days and down 7 inches. The first week was HELL – I am not going to lie Week 2 was better Week 3 I have lost all cravings for ‘garbage’ food and only fuel my body with proper nutrients! I have so much every, and wake up each and every morning with…

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