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Oops She Did It Again!!! – CONGRATSS!!

It’s not everyday that you get to make such a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT to congratulate a coach on this particular Milestone achieved <3 <3 I am beyond blessed to be making this post, and sharing with all of you!!! Back in Feb of this year Deanna hit SUCCESS CLUB 5 ALL STAR STATUS!!!! This girl right here deserves a huge recognition for this accomplishment. It takes hours of work, business planning, determination, and big dreams to achieve SC 5 ALL STAR. Deanna is 100% committed to her business, she…

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Sneak Peak of our Day 1 Extreme Body Makeover – Booty Edition

Today is Day 1 for my Extreme Body Makeover: Booty Edition!!!! Awesome right? Here is a sneak peak of post 1 from day 1 – how fun is this!! WE have 32 ladies all ready to hit their goals with us over the next 21 Days 😀 😀 1. Progress pictures: Take your pictures front, back and side. Some tips for your pictures: Best clothing is spandex with a sports bra, get someone to help you with your pictures and stand against a blank wall.…

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WHAT … Ranked #35 BeachBody Elite Coach In ALL CANADA!!

WHAT Ranked #35 BeachBody Elite Coach In ALL CANADA!! WOW!!! I really don’t know what to say right now! I am in awe. #35 in Elite Canada BeachBody Coach and 386 in ALL of BeachBody North America! I am one proud Edmonton based BeachBody Coach! Thank you thank you thank you goes out to my amazing team for all their help in me reaching this HUGE milestone. I am so proud of each and everyone of you! and honoured to be on this journey with…

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Does The Law of Attraction Really Work?

Does the Law of Attraction Really Work, that is for you to decide? I am not here to convince you that the law of attraction really does work or it doesn’t work but I am going to tell you my experience with it. Over the last year I have been learning a great deal about the Law of Attraction and how to get it to work with you and not against you. I have had many things unexplained things happen the second I was thinking…

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How To Manifest Good Things Into Your Life – Law of Attraction

Using the Law of Attraction to Manifest Good Things Into Your Life Have you every wondered and thought about all those “lucky” people in life and wish you could have the life that they have or the possessions that they have? Their houses, their vacations, their clothing, their handbags, their confidence, their bodies, their hair, they vehicles, their vacation homes … Just think of everything you have ever wished you had of someone else’s. Repeat this after me: “What is possible in the world is possible…

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How Can You Get In Shape From Home

This is a question I get asked time and time again “How can I get in shape from home” Getting in shape and losing weight from home can be easy AND it can be extremely hard all at the same time!! How is that possible? I used to be a gym rat. 4:30 in the am I would get up, slip on my gym clothes, slid into my shoes, jump into my car and head out the door to the gym! The morning hard workout…

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21 Day Fix Extreme

It’s Finally Arrived: The 21 Day Fix Extreme !!!! 15 pounds in 21 Days?

21 Day Fix Extreme has arrived !!! Anyone that has been following my journey knows how excited I am about the arrival of the 21 Day Fix Extreme!!! I have gotten amazing results from the original 21 Day Fix program but now it is time to kick it up a notch! the 21 Day Fix program is 100% guaranteed for your success (As long as you are pressing play every day 😉 ) This is the #1 Home and Fitness program right now in North…

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21 Day Fitness Virtual Boot Camp

IT’S TIME TO GET SERIOUSLY SHREDDED. 21 Day Bikini Bootcamp, looking for 15 woman who are Ready to Commit (Please read the entire post) ~.3 weeks of daily workouts provided in the comfort of your own home ~.7 color coded portion control containers and meal plan customized to you ~.Shakeology to help curb those crazy carb cravings and help boost your energy levels ~.Shaker cup for Shakeology when you are on the go. (It also measures the amount of wine you are allowed to drink…

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3 Key Elements You Need To Start Your Fitness Journey!

I have been in the exact same spot that a lot of you reading my blog post are. You so badly want to get into shape, increase your energy levels, feel healthier, and look good in that swim suit but you struggle with what you need to do to get started! The first thing most people do is RUN to the gym to get a membership… in my opinion this is not the best option unless you are VERY dedicated and know what you are…

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~You Have The Choice~

“The ONLY person you are hurting by not exercising and eating healthy is YOU” Love this quote, it reminds me of something someone close to me always says every time I want to cave and stuff my face with a pizza, or watch a movie instead of working out…  You have to truly want to live a health & fit life or you just won’t… and you have to want it for you… simple as that! Once you truly want it you will do anything…

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