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2 Years Ago This was Merely A Dream

2 years ago this was a dream!! … Not entirely sure how I would begin to pull it off. Being on stage infront of 25,000 people in Nashville as a top Canadian BeachBody Coach was  THRILL, pure excitement and so proud to be representing my team !! I have always wanted to inspire women and help people achieve their dreams… but how would an average 27 year old, from a small town do that?!? Not long after I figured it out… To date, in the…

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P90 It's Coming

P90 Workout is COMING! Review on What to Expect

Tony Horton has done it again with the home fitness program P90!!! Most of you have heard of P90X, P90X2, P90X3 or 10 minute trainer! Those of us who have tried these best selling at home fitness programs or know of someone who has know that THEY GET RESULTS! Tony Horton has done it again and created the much anticipated P90 – which is going to be released very soon! I for one cannot wait to get my hands on this program P90 – 90…

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T25 Challenge Pack

Get Fit in 10 Weeks

Get Fit in 10 Weeks Back my popular demand I am hosting a T25 Virtual Challenge!  Have you ever said to yourself  I don’t have time to work out?  I don’t like going to the gym?  I don’t have enough energy?  I am too busy with my kids?  You know what i’m talking about, all those excuses we like to tell ourselves! It’s time to eliminate those if you want results… bottom line!  On September 1st my virtual fitness challenge will kick off!  This challenge…

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