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… do you have a powerful reason why?

I am speaking on the brink of exhaustion. My emotions are running raw. Please read this with an open mind and open heart. Have you ever sat back and thought about the reason why you do the things you do? – I am going to speak about one topic in particular and that is work Why do you go to work?…The answer seems simple… to make money and pay the bills. If the answer is that simple and a job is to only pay our…

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What has Project AWOL done for me

4.5 months ago I would have laughed in hysterics at you if you told me I would be quitting my cushy job at a well know oil and gas company in Alberta to go work anywhere that has an internet connection.. hanging up my office clothes for shorts and a tank top!! I would never have expected that I would be trading in my desk, nice office clothes, and favourite coffee mug for shorts, bikinis, flip flops and sunglasses … I LOVE my new office…

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Happy Wednesday!!!

Happy Wednesday!!! Bench Press over Bang Tao

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Create Compelling Content – Maka or Break you

Once your start writing, remember a few things: Be true to your voice. Remember your blog’s focus. Know your audience. Writing your first post is a daunting task. It may be the hardest post you’ll ever have to write (which is a great reason to get it over with). The best way to do this is to begin. ]Just do it. Better yet, write the first five blog posts to get started with a bang. As you craft your first post (whether it’s your first or…

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What Will You Do ?!

WHAT WOULD YOU DO?   I know this isn’t something any of us want to think about but what would you do if someone dear to you got ill and was put into the hospital? I never gave this a thought until last year when a dear family member of mine for diagnosed with cancer. I consider myself extremely lucky; at this point of my life I owned a massage therapy clinic. Owning my own clinic allowed me the freedom to take off work and…

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Have You Been To Ship Wreck Island?

I was in Phuket Thailand a couple weeks ago while we were filming a reality TV show with Project AWOL (Another Way of Life). During the week of filming our schedule was jam packed with activities. . The whole purpose of the show was to create awareness that you can create your dream lifestyle if you choose. This show will showcase online entrepreneurs that are driven to live Another Way of Life, no matter the cost. Thursday May 30th 2013 we headed out on yachts…

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Packing Up and Moving to Bali

Packing up and moving to Bali – that’s the answer I have been telling people when they inquire about my life. Step 1 – check – told boss that as of September 1st 2013 I will no longer be employed with the company I currently work at Step 2 – in progress – sifting through thousand of rentals on the beach in Bali, Indonesia Step 3 – in progress- finding the best travel deals at the beginning of February.  YES it is that easy to…

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