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How A Morning Routine Set Your Intentions For The Day

Do you have a morning routine that you do each and every morning? Most of you will say no but think about the daily things you do in the morning Hit the snooze button Get our of bed, grab your phone and check your FB, tweets, or texts Brush your teeth, hair, and get ready for your day Have breakfast and rush out the door Sound about right? How does this make you feel? Are you still sleeping on your drive to work? Are you…

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Crazy Houses

I was flipping though all my pictures from the last 365 days and was completely taken back by the places I have lived! I didn’t realize until today how many places we actually were. From Canada, United States to Thailand and Bali 28 Flights, 6 countries and a heck of a lot of fun     Health, Wealth, and Happiness P.S if you are currently a blogger and have any sort of audience and want to learn how to properly use that audience to make…

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Reality Shows, Thailand, Living in Bali, and Being Free – My 2013 Year in Review

2014 was an unexpected year for me! 28 flights all over the world Not having a Job to restrict my Dreams! Below is my 2013 year in review, click on the link and enjoy my ups and downs! Leave a comment and let me know how your 2013 in review looks like

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It’s time to do what you Love, Each and Every Day <3

How would You live if money were no object? How would you Really like to spend your life? Mostly the things that you would LOVE to do  you can’t make any money at like writers, or poets, or horseback riders When you find out what you Really want to do, then that is what you do! Forget about the money  I am a chatter box and after talking to many people a day I’ve come to the realization that there are A LOT of people…

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96 Year Old Man Writes a Song for His Wife of 75 Years

She gave me 75 years of her life’: The tone- deaf 96-year-old who entered heartbreaking song he wrote for his late wife into contest… and got it made into a real record 96 year old Fred Stobaugh thought he’d  never get an answer for a singer-songwriter contest he entered with a ballad he wrote for his wife of 75 years but contest runners just couldn’t ignore his touching ode! This is a touching story of love. 96 year old Fred Stobaugh from Illinois recently lost his…

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Worlds Sexiest man overdoses on coffee – too funny

Sexiest man overdoses on coffee I have been waiting months to post this video but thought it would be a wiser idea to wait until Tanner wan’t in the same vicinity as me LOL  I hope you enjoy this little fun and crazy video as much as I do!  Tanner claims he was tired, and too excited before our Bali trip and that was the reason for his pure awesome little dance LOL – filmed in the Vancouver International Airport 

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I am allergic to work!

Have you ever found yourself feeling like you are Allergic to work?

Like you just want to stay at home?

I am allergic to work!

Like if you have ever felt like this

or am I the only one?

Have a great day everyone 😀


Who said work has to be boring?

Just another day at work!

This year I have been able to live in many mansions! T

his mansion is in Orlando and comes with an indoor bowling alley, arcade room, indoor basketball court and indoor pool to top it off!

Credit goes to my friend JR for putting together such an amazing video!

Private Pools, Beach, and Spa Day

Today wraps up another awesome day of being an online entrepreneur  I operate a home based business and home is currently in Bali Todays Agenda  I woke up this morning had an oatmeal breakfast went for a swim  upgraded our villa for one with a private pool  Scootered around Seminyak square and down to the beach  Went for an 1.5hour spa scrub, polish, and massage  Ordered Pizza Hut delivery to our room  I am currently doing about an hours worth of work while watching Top…

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