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I am one of those CRAZY DOG MOMS!

I am officially one of those CRAZY Dog MOMS and I LOVE IT!! JAXXXXXX NOOOOOOOO…. my favourite words lately. Jax is 9 weeks old today & has been nestling quite well into my home, into my life, and into my heart <3 . It’s crazy how much you can adore a wee little 4 legged friend & how quickly they become attached to you <3 This spotted bum, wee man is a Frenchton, Bull Terrier, Pitbull and is as rumbustious as can be – my gosh, can…

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Oops She Did It Again!!! – CONGRATSS!!

It’s not everyday that you get to make such a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT to congratulate a coach on this particular Milestone achieved <3 <3 I am beyond blessed to be making this post, and sharing with all of you!!! Back in Feb of this year Deanna hit SUCCESS CLUB 5 ALL STAR STATUS!!!! This girl right here deserves a huge recognition for this accomplishment. It takes hours of work, business planning, determination, and big dreams to achieve SC 5 ALL STAR. Deanna is 100% committed to her business, she…

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22 Minutes to a New You!!

22 Minute Hard Corps – Military Style Workouts, in 22 minutes – The LOW DOWN on the 22 Minute Hard Corps workout is below! Ask me questions if you have any! I have done the program, and can answer openly and honestly I have had to much fun working out with Tony Horton the last few days and excited for the next few mornings of  22 Minute Hard Corps on the ship, with thousands of other BeachBody coaches – WHAT A BLAST!!! The picture below was…

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Real People Real Results – My Friends & The 21 Day Fix Program

Real People Real Results – My friends and Family with the 21 Day Fix Program from BeachBody Have you ever wondered what it looks like for someone who is dedicated and constant ( for the most part) to their health and fitness for a 1 year span? WELL MEET Danielle !!!!!! It has been 1 year since she decided it was time for her to make that healthy change in her life and came to me to get started on her journey ( well her…

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Sneak Peak of our Day 1 Extreme Body Makeover – Booty Edition

Today is Day 1 for my Extreme Body Makeover: Booty Edition!!!! Awesome right? Here is a sneak peak of post 1 from day 1 – how fun is this!! WE have 32 ladies all ready to hit their goals with us over the next 21 Days 😀 😀 1. Progress pictures: Take your pictures front, back and side. Some tips for your pictures: Best clothing is spandex with a sports bra, get someone to help you with your pictures and stand against a blank wall.…

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Diamond BeachBody Coach

BAM!!! Another Diamond Coach, Great Work Girl!

GOOD MORNING everyone I get to announce ANOTHER brand new diamond coach today!!! I am so please to share her funny little story with you and her journey so far with coaching. February 22nd I was sitting in the Pheonix Airport on my way to Mexico when out of the blue I got a Facebook message from Tanner (Danielle’s Fiance) about getting her started as a BeachBody Coach because he thought it would be good for them to get into. The internet was HORRIBLE at…

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WHAT … Ranked #35 BeachBody Elite Coach In ALL CANADA!!

WHAT Ranked #35 BeachBody Elite Coach In ALL CANADA!! WOW!!! I really don’t know what to say right now! I am in awe. #35 in Elite Canada BeachBody Coach and 386 in ALL of BeachBody North America! I am one proud Edmonton based BeachBody Coach! Thank you thank you thank you goes out to my amazing team for all their help in me reaching this HUGE milestone. I am so proud of each and everyone of you! and honoured to be on this journey with…

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Does The Law of Attraction Really Work?

Does the Law of Attraction Really Work, that is for you to decide? I am not here to convince you that the law of attraction really does work or it doesn’t work but I am going to tell you my experience with it. Over the last year I have been learning a great deal about the Law of Attraction and how to get it to work with you and not against you. I have had many things unexplained things happen the second I was thinking…

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How To Manifest Good Things Into Your Life – Law of Attraction

Using the Law of Attraction to Manifest Good Things Into Your Life Have you every wondered and thought about all those “lucky” people in life and wish you could have the life that they have or the possessions that they have? Their houses, their vacations, their clothing, their handbags, their confidence, their bodies, their hair, they vehicles, their vacation homes … Just think of everything you have ever wished you had of someone else’s. Repeat this after me: “What is possible in the world is possible…

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Do You Love Your Body?

Do you LOVE your body?                                                   So many woman, myself included, are easy to say the things we don’t like about our bodies… but why? We are all beautiful people, with many beautiful qualities about our selves and should be celebrating our beauty My girlfriend posted this article and it really got me thinking! When was the last time I said…

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