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Oops She Did It Again!!! – CONGRATSS!!

It’s not everyday that you get to make such a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT to congratulate a coach on this particular Milestone achieved <3 <3 I am beyond blessed to be making this post, and sharing with all of you!!! Back in Feb of this year Deanna hit SUCCESS CLUB 5 ALL STAR STATUS!!!! This girl right here deserves a huge recognition for this accomplishment. It takes hours of work, business planning, determination, and big dreams to achieve SC 5 ALL STAR. Deanna is 100% committed to her business, she…

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Cute Fitness Meme

Cute Fitness Meme to Use for Fitness Inspiration

I thought this meme was pretty darn cute! First and foremost you should workout and get in shape for you, not for anyone else. However you can use getting in shape to be the hottest spouse as a driving force to kick your workouts into high gear 😀 How many of you work out with with spouses?   e

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~You Have The Choice~

“The ONLY person you are hurting by not exercising and eating healthy is YOU” Love this quote, it reminds me of something someone close to me always says every time I want to cave and stuff my face with a pizza, or watch a movie instead of working out…  You have to truly want to live a health & fit life or you just won’t… and you have to want it for you… simple as that! Once you truly want it you will do anything…

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Be Better Than You Were Yesterday!

Your health and fitness is NO Race.  There are no Deadlines to hit There will be ups and downs  You will have days where you struggle to push forward You will have times where you feel like giving up You will have to conquer your mind  You will get stronger  You will get more energy You will get more fit & healthy  You will be able to do more reps then before You will be able to see noticeable difference in your physique  You will…

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