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Canadian Coaches Rock it at BeachBody Summit 2016

Canadian Coaches Rock it at BeachBody Summit 2016!!!! We’ve come this far.. Not as individuals… …but as a Team!  We’ve broken down barriers Lifted each other up Pushed each other out of our comfort zones Made break throughs Challenged each other Support each other …and helped changed & shape each other’s lives for the better! A few of us knew each other prior to this event, most of us met for the very first time. We are leaving United and stronger than ever… we are…

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Proud Canadian BeachBody Coach Moment!

Proud Canadian BeachBody Coach Moment!!! Wow , there are not even words to describe my gratitude, happiness and excitement for this BeachBody Coaching Canadian team I have growing! This is the second week in a row were I have had the absolute pleasure to announce another Diamond Canadian BeachBody coach <3 Hurry Up Thursday so I can make it official <3 <3 PROUD COACH MOMENT!!!!  When you look in your back office and see that one of your coaches is making a significant rank advancement…

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