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Real People Real Results – My Friends & The 21 Day Fix Program

Real People Real Results – My friends and Family with the 21 Day Fix Program from BeachBody Have you ever wondered what it looks like for someone who is dedicated and constant ( for the most part) to their health and fitness for a 1 year span? WELL MEET Danielle !!!!!! It has been 1 year since she decided it was time for her to make that healthy change in her life and came to me to get started on her journey ( well her…

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This is Bizarre To Me…

I saw the post on Facebook again this morning with my face on it. This post wasn’t one I created! This was a banner made announcing me as a guest speaker at the Edmonton BeachBody Super Saturday! … You guys, 18 months ago I told a girlfriend of mine that I would take a LOOK at this BeachBody business thing! No promises that I would do anything with it. Actually to be 100% honest with you all, I didn’t think the workouts would work for…

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3 Star Diamond Canada BeachBody Coach

After 18 Weeks of Straight Qualifying, A New Canadian 3 Star Diamond Emerges!!

After 18 Weeks of Straight Qualifying, I am officially a 3 Star Diamond BeachBody Coach!!! I am a little late in posting this but a HUGE THANK YOU goes out to all the love and support I have received from fellow coaches, fitness challengers, BeachBody leaders, corporate and all of you in taking the time to congratulate me on this huge milestone of 3 Star Diamond I received on Thursday!!! I am so blessed to have such an awesome team of coaches who have helped…

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BeachBody coach Edmonton

WHAT…. Super Sunday Edmonton??

BeachBody Super Sunday in Edmonton was a BLAST !!! I am going to be honest with you all! I wasn’t going to go to the Edmonton BeachBody Super Sunday but then a good friend and fellow coach of mine called me and snapped me out of it and thank goodness! How could I call myself a leader of an amazingly huge team of 113 coaches (when you are reading this) if I wasn’t practising what I was preaching about getting to Super Sunday!  So off…

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PiYo Canada

Piyo Is The April Special from BeachBody !!

As a lot of my followers know I have a soft spot for Chalene Johnson’s PIYO BeachBody Program! This was the first program I started with as a coach, had so much fun working out and got incredible results in the 2 month program that I get really excited when I have the opportunity to share it with you all at it’s discounted price this month! So What Exactly is PIYO? Piyo is an 8 week long complete fitness program designed by celebrity trainer Chalene…

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Deanna Emerald BeachBody Coach

Canadian BeachBody Coaches are TAKING OVER!!!!!!

This team is ON FIRE!!!! Canada BeachBody Coaches ROCK So Thursdays are the day in the Team BeachBody community that We Can Celebrate Rank Advancements of our Coaches The days that we get paid for all living a health life and inspiring others to make those changes in theirs as well! This Thursday I have A LOT to be grateful for. My Canadian BeachBody team is ON FIRE and there are no signs of slowing down for them, this makes my heart sing! Every time…

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BeachBody Diamond

I am Officially A Diamond In BeachBody

I am Officially A Diamond In BeachBody!!! Wow! I am beyond excited to officially say that I am a Diamond in BeachBody!! I started my journey on June 17th 2014, and exactly 2 months later I was a Diamond with the amazing company BeachBody. Our ranking changes don’t take place until the following Thursday so I had to hold off on my excitement until today… it was tough!!! I have an absolutely incredible team of coaches who I wouldn’t have reached this rank without, so…

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Become A BeachBody Coach In Canada

Becoming a BeachBody Coach in Canada

BeachBody has come to Canada! Are You Ready To Become A Coach?                   On August 22nd 2014, BeachBody will officially be launched into Canada!!!!  As a fellow Canadian ,originally from Edmonton Alberta and living in Kelowna, I could’t be more thrilled to have BeachBody officially open their coaching program and business opportunity to millions of Canadian residence!!! Team Beachbody coaching will officially be opening their doors in a few short weeks of me writing this post. But you can…

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Who Reads Your Blog Posts ?

Who Reads Your Blog Posts? I recently watched a YouTube training video put together by one of my 7 figure mentors on blogging  and why it is very beneficial to all home bakes business  builders. I find it kind of crazy, coming from a marketing back ground,  that a lot of people have the mentality  “oh who will read my content or who will watch my youtube videos?” And this got me thinking… Who reads my blog posts? Who Watches My youTube Videos? I have…

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