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Proud Canadian BeachBody Coach Moment!

Proud Canadian BeachBody Coach Moment!!! Wow , there are not even words to describe my gratitude, happiness and excitement for this BeachBody Coaching Canadian team I have growing! This is the second week in a row were I have had the absolute pleasure to announce another Diamond Canadian BeachBody coach <3 Hurry Up Thursday so I can make it official <3 <3 PROUD COACH MOMENT!!!!  When you look in your back office and see that one of your coaches is making a significant rank advancement…

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Deanna Emerald BeachBody Coach

Canadian BeachBody Coaches are TAKING OVER!!!!!!

This team is ON FIRE!!!! Canada BeachBody Coaches ROCK So Thursdays are the day in the Team BeachBody community that We Can Celebrate Rank Advancements of our Coaches The days that we get paid for all living a health life and inspiring others to make those changes in theirs as well! This Thursday I have A LOT to be grateful for. My Canadian BeachBody team is ON FIRE and there are no signs of slowing down for them, this makes my heart sing! Every time…

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21 Day Fitness Virtual Boot Camp

IT’S TIME TO GET SERIOUSLY SHREDDED. 21 Day Bikini Bootcamp, looking for 15 woman who are Ready to Commit (Please read the entire post) ~.3 weeks of daily workouts provided in the comfort of your own home ~.7 color coded portion control containers and meal plan customized to you ~.Shakeology to help curb those crazy carb cravings and help boost your energy levels ~.Shaker cup for Shakeology when you are on the go. (It also measures the amount of wine you are allowed to drink…

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Be Better Than You Were Yesterday!

Your health and fitness is NO Race.  There are no Deadlines to hit There will be ups and downs  You will have days where you struggle to push forward You will have times where you feel like giving up You will have to conquer your mind  You will get stronger  You will get more energy You will get more fit & healthy  You will be able to do more reps then before You will be able to see noticeable difference in your physique  You will…

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Super Easy and Healthy Turkey Chili Recipe

Turkey Chili Recipe Pre cook 2 packs of turkey 1 can crushed tomatoes blended… I don’t like big chunks of tomatoes 1 can of white beans, they aren’t filled with a sugary syrup in the can 1 can of kidney beans, drained 1 pepper of any colour chopped 2 celery stalks corn (if you choose) 5 gloves of minced garlic 1/2 C of chopped up onions 1/4 C of chili powder 1tsp cumin powder 1 TBSP black peper pinch of salt pinch of cayenne pepper…

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Become A BeachBody Coach In Canada

Becoming a BeachBody Coach in Canada

BeachBody has come to Canada! Are You Ready To Become A Coach?                   On August 22nd 2014, BeachBody will officially be launched into Canada!!!!  As a fellow Canadian ,originally from Edmonton Alberta and living in Kelowna, I could’t be more thrilled to have BeachBody officially open their coaching program and business opportunity to millions of Canadian residence!!! Team Beachbody coaching will officially be opening their doors in a few short weeks of me writing this post. But you can…

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