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This is Bizarre To Me…

I saw the post on Facebook again this morning with my face on it. This post wasn’t one I created! This was a banner made announcing me as a guest speaker at the Edmonton BeachBody Super Saturday! … You guys, 18 months ago I told a girlfriend of mine that I would take a LOOK at this BeachBody business thing! No promises that I would do anything with it. Actually to be 100% honest with you all, I didn’t think the workouts would work for…

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Personal Victory BeachBody Canada Coach Diamond

I Feel Prettiest When I Sweat!!!

I Feel Prettiest When I Sweat!!! Conquered another personal victory this afternoonšŸ™ŠšŸ™ŠšŸ™Š After mind battling all afternoon about whether or not I was going to strap on my runners, I decided to just get off my butt and do it ! … I battled for my first 3 km but carried on to finish my 5 k! To my surprise I once again beat my personal record!!! 6 minutes and 15 seconds per kilometer !!!! I HAVE NEVER RAN THAT FAST IN A VERY LONG…

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BeachBody Coach Canada

Thank You BeachBody

Thank you BeachBody for allowing me to take my life back! A lot of you who have been following my journey have know BeachBody is responsible for my 20 pound weight loss right after surgery, BeachBody is responsible for me gaining back my confidence and self esteem and feeling great about myself BUT something I don’t talk about often is that BeachBody is also responsible for changing my life financially!! You know that feeling when you just feeling like you need to be alone? Like…

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3 Star Diamond Canada BeachBody Coach

After 18 Weeks of Straight Qualifying, A New Canadian 3 Star Diamond Emerges!!

After 18 Weeks of Straight Qualifying, I am officially a 3 Star Diamond BeachBody Coach!!! I am a little late in posting this but a HUGE THANK YOU goes out to all the love and support I have received from fellow coaches, fitness challengers, BeachBody leaders, corporate and all of you in taking the time to congratulate me on this huge milestone of 3 Star Diamond I received on Thursday!!! I am so blessed to have such an awesome team of coaches who have helped…

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1 Star Diamond BeachBody Coach Canada

Another New 1 Star Diamond Coach Here in Canada!!!

Yep you heard that right!!! My team has another 1 Star Diamond BeachBody Coach from Kelowna Canada. This girl has been with me almost from the very beginning. Her and I worked side by side, had friendly competitions with each other and built out businesses at record speed ( her 1 star Diamond is evident of that!) I can guarantee you that she is not going to stop here, she is just getting started with her new 1 star Diamond Beachbody Coach rank advancement this…

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Another Star Diamond BeachBody Coach

I am so proud to announce another Star Diamond Qualifying BeachBody Coach on my team, all the way from Nova Scotia Canada !! I have refreshed my coach online office screen enough times today and now IT’S finally official, Deanna Robertson is my newest Star Diamond Qualifying BeachBody Coach ( more big news to come tomorrow, so start tuned… this team is ON FIRE!!) PLEASE HELP ME CELEBRATE the HUGE milestone which Deanna Robertson is in the progress of achieving!! Today she has began her…

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1 Star Diamond BEachBody Coach

WOW Do I Have An Amazing BeachBody Coaching Team or What <3

I am so blessed to have such an incredible team of BeachBody Coaches PROUD COACH MOMENT!!! and this girl needs a HUGE recognition!! One thing I have learned in this business, especially as your team starts to grow is how proud each and everyone of your coaches can make you for all of their hard work, dedication and desire to achieve greatness. Today I get to recognize miss Kashlee ParmiterĀ as a 1 STAR QUALIFYING Canadian BEACHBODY COACH !!!!!!! Now for those of you who do…

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BeachBody coach Edmonton

WHAT…. Super Sunday Edmonton??

BeachBody Super Sunday in Edmonton was a BLAST !!! I am going to be honest with you all! I wasn’t going to go to the Edmonton BeachBody Super Sunday but then a good friend and fellow coach of mine called me and snapped me out of it and thank goodness! How could I call myself a leader of an amazingly huge team of 113 coaches (when you are reading this) if I wasn’t practising what I was preaching about getting to Super Sunday!Ā  So off…

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Piyo Canada

New Canadian Emerald BeachBody Coach!!!

Another New Canadian Reaching Emerald Status in BeachBody!!! I am so excited and so proud to be announcing our newest CanadianĀ Emerald BeachBody CoachĀ Nicole Serrao!!!!                                     Nicole is not only a fellow beachbody coach, she is one of my besties and I am so unbelievably proud of her. It’s has been absolutely incredible watching her journey with BeachBody this far. She is an amazing leader (as we all know…

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BeachBody Coach Canada

Wow, Ranked #37 in BeachBody Canada

#37 Canadian BeachBody Coach in all of Canada and 456 BeachBody Coach in all of North America! I am beyond excited and proud of my amazing team to have been recognized as #37 BeachBody Coach in Canada and #456 in all of BeachBody! In total there are 270,000 Coaches, so this is a pretty darn good achievement, and I am beyond proud to be celebrating this with my amazing team. WOW! I am vibrating with energy right now!!! I was in the middle of doing…

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