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Who are we.. We are Team AWOL ?!

Who are we.. We are Team AWOL ?! We’ve come this far.. Not as individuals… …but as a Team! We’ve broken down barriers Lifted each other up Pushed each other out of our comfort zones Made break throughs Challenged each other Support each other …and helped changed & shape each other’s lives for the better! A few of us knew each other prior to this event, most of us met for the very first time. We are leaving United and stronger than ever… we are…

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3 Star Diamond Canada BeachBody Coach

After 18 Weeks of Straight Qualifying, A New Canadian 3 Star Diamond Emerges!!

After 18 Weeks of Straight Qualifying, I am officially a 3 Star Diamond BeachBody Coach!!! I am a little late in posting this but a HUGE THANK YOU goes out to all the love and support I have received from fellow coaches, fitness challengers, BeachBody leaders, corporate and all of you in taking the time to congratulate me on this huge milestone of 3 Star Diamond I received on Thursday!!! I am so blessed to have such an awesome team of coaches who have helped…

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End of Week 2

The Results Are In… Down 5.5 Inches in 2 Weeks.. It’s Been HELL ;)

Holla 😛 I am a little chipper this morning. We are going into a VERY hot heat waive in Kelowna with temperatures upwards of 40C. It is 8:23 in the am and already feels like it could of hit it’s peak :S Yesterday was the wrap up for week 2 for my 6 week fitness challenge. I finished strong, despite a few days where I had to muster up Every ounce of energy I possibly could to get through it. I can finally say that…

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