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2 Years Ago This was Merely A Dream

2 years ago this was a dream!! … Not entirely sure how I would begin to pull it off. Being on stage infront of 25,000 people in Nashville as a top Canadian BeachBody Coach was  THRILL, pure excitement and so proud to be representing my team !! I have always wanted to inspire women and help people achieve their dreams… but how would an average 27 year old, from a small town do that?!? Not long after I figured it out… To date, in the…

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22 Minutes to a New You!!

22 Minute Hard Corps – Military Style Workouts, in 22 minutes – The LOW DOWN on the 22 Minute Hard Corps workout is below! Ask me questions if you have any! I have done the program, and can answer openly and honestly I have had to much fun working out with Tony Horton the last few days and excited for the next few mornings of  22 Minute Hard Corps on the ship, with thousands of other BeachBody coaches – WHAT A BLAST!!! The picture below was…

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Cheers To A Dream Come True

Cheers To A Dream Come True!! We are on the LARGEST ship in the sea (Royal Caribbean Oasis) at last and have finally set sail !!!! “I’m on a boat!!” Today Deanna and I are beginning our celebrations as coaches on the annual beachbody vacation!! Last year I never thought it’d be possible for me to be on this trip. I was a newer coach, I wished to be here but didn’t fully believe it would happen. Fast forward 365 Days and here I am, onboard this magnificent ship…

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SuperSaturday BeachBody Coach Canada

Yesterday Was A Dream Come True

Yesterday was a dream come true for me! – As a side note, it is WIERD looking up and seeing your face on the screen while you are trying to concentrate on your speech. I remember a year ago telling one of the coaches on my team that I was going to be on that stage one day sharing my story. …That day was yesterday! Thank you so much to everyone who came out to help make one of my dreams come true.  It is…

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Two Star Diamond  Canada beachBody Coach


I almost FELL off my Seat when the elite BeachBody Coach leaderboard came out for Canada and the company as a whole (North America wide) I am a top Canada Team BeachBody Coach!!!!! I am not going to lie, I have an absolutely kick butt team of beachBody Coaches who are really pushing hard and inspiring 100’s of people start their health & fitness journey with our programs, shakes, and support!! Our programs WORK and my amazing coaches have gotten unreal results with them themselves…

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1 Star Diamond BeachBody Coach Canada

Another New 1 Star Diamond Coach Here in Canada!!!

Yep you heard that right!!! My team has another 1 Star Diamond BeachBody Coach from Kelowna Canada. This girl has been with me almost from the very beginning. Her and I worked side by side, had friendly competitions with each other and built out businesses at record speed ( her 1 star Diamond is evident of that!) I can guarantee you that she is not going to stop here, she is just getting started with her new 1 star Diamond Beachbody Coach rank advancement this…

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Piyo Canada

New Canadian Emerald BeachBody Coach!!!

Another New Canadian Reaching Emerald Status in BeachBody!!! I am so excited and so proud to be announcing our newest Canadian Emerald BeachBody Coach Nicole Serrao!!!!                                     Nicole is not only a fellow beachbody coach, she is one of my besties and I am so unbelievably proud of her. It’s has been absolutely incredible watching her journey with BeachBody this far. She is an amazing leader (as we all know…

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