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Real People Real Results – My Friends & The 21 Day Fix Program

Real People Real Results – My friends and Family with the 21 Day Fix Program from BeachBody Have you ever wondered what it looks like for someone who is dedicated and constant ( for the most part) to their health and fitness for a 1 year span? WELL MEET Danielle !!!!!! It has been 1 year since she decided it was time for her to make that healthy change in her life and came to me to get started on her journey ( well her…

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21 Day Fix Fixate

For the LOVE of The 21 Day Fix !

I am in LOVE with the 21 Day Fix Program by Autumn Calabrese Have you tried this program yet? I am not going to get into the program it self, because I have done a few posts about it and plus I would love to get to know you… so message me on facebook if you want to know all the specifics and we can find out if the program is right for you! The 21 Day Fix is responsible along with PIYO for my…

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21 Day Fitness Virtual Boot Camp

IT’S TIME TO GET SERIOUSLY SHREDDED. 21 Day Bikini Bootcamp, looking for 15 woman who are Ready to Commit (Please read the entire post) ~.3 weeks of daily workouts provided in the comfort of your own home ~.7 color coded portion control containers and meal plan customized to you ~.Shakeology to help curb those crazy carb cravings and help boost your energy levels ~.Shaker cup for Shakeology when you are on the go. (It also measures the amount of wine you are allowed to drink…

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Be Better Than You Were Yesterday!

Your health and fitness is NO Race.  There are no Deadlines to hit There will be ups and downs  You will have days where you struggle to push forward You will have times where you feel like giving up You will have to conquer your mind  You will get stronger  You will get more energy You will get more fit & healthy  You will be able to do more reps then before You will be able to see noticeable difference in your physique  You will…

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