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Project AWOL Reality Show

Lights, Camera, Action 

#Project A.W.O.L. is a group on online entrepreneurs that are driven to live ‘Another Way of Life’ and have aligned themselves with the top affiliate marketing opportunity in the industry.


Project AWOL ( another way of life) is a community headed by 2 young men have all the credentials, knowledge, and skills to have helped thousands of new affiliate marketers earn their first dollar online. Kam is an old construction worker and Glenn editing moves in Hollywood are now two successful individuals in the online world.

Our training is simple enough for the newest newbie to learn how to make their first dollar online and is advanced enough to accommodate those individuals who have been in the industry for awhile, our community is quite diverse.

During the last week of May into June I had to opportunity to take part in a reality show put on by Project AWOL. 

  • We flew into Phuket Thailand
  • Picked up by a driver at the airport
  • Taken to 2 hill top mansions over looking Bang Tao, Thailand which cost $50,000/ month to rent in low season
  • The mansions came with a personal chef able to accommodate everyones personal diet restrictions, cleaning staff, a driver– We truly lived first class while filming the reality show! 


Project AWOL

Our vision is so huge… so out of the box… so extreme, that we had to go this big!

Project AWOL


“Our goal is to create a television show featuring online entrepreneurs living the dream lifestyle and truly Living Another Way of Life” 

Project AWOL


Along with all the amazing experience we had many excursions done first class

This experience wouldn’t have been possible with out the Hollywood film crew and producers following us and capturing every money of our Project AWOL experience

“Have you ever dreamed of a $100,000/month Lifestyle?…how would you feel if you could live it?”

– Did you know it is VERY possible! – Stay tuned to the show! It will be featuring people that knew nothing about online marketing all the way up to advanced markers who have been in the industry for along time!

Project A.W.O.L. is bound and determined to flip the online industry upside down making it near impossible for anyone to fail with us.

Align yourself with Project AWOL right now by affiliating with EN

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 10.43.17 AM


The video above is me doing a quick video of one of the houses we stayed in during the reality show filming

Earning an Income online is easier than you think, Let me show you :)

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19 thoughts on “Reality Show”

    1. Isn’t it unreal? I have episode 1 posted, did you watch it?

      I will be posting episode 2 later today :)


    1. thank you for your kind remarks!That house was spectacular, I stayed there while filming and online marketing reality TV show!

      i LOVE infinity pools


    1. It sure is a beautiful house. We had two identical mansions that were mirrored images on each other, this is where we lived while filming the show :)

    1. Thank you! – I really can’t believe our find :)

      There are many hidden gems when you turn down random alleys in Bali

    1. Thanks :) It truly was like living in a dream. It was hard for me to adjust to having house keeping, drivers, chefs, and any other support staff you could imagine at my use.

      The view was amazing. I have a few pictures posted on my blog but 1000 on my computer ha ha

      The show was filmed in 2 identical mansions over looking Bang Tao, in Thailand.

  1. Um…this is crazy. I’m a homeschooling mom of five and homesteader whose family lives a humble lifestyle on an income bordering the poverty line. I’d be lying if I didn’t wish we were more financially secure. but instead of infinity pools or overseas travel, I’d like to afford the fencing we need to widen our pasture and to pay off some debt in order to live more comfortably. I’ve also dreamed of starting a huge organic community garden on our land if I ever strike it rich. I guess, us country folk are strange like that. lol!

    1. You aren’t strange at all, those are amazing dreams you have :)

      My dreams are to travel and submerge myself in as many different countries as I possibly can, where as you dream is to start a huge organic community garden and pay off debt. 2 year ago my dreams were different, my dreams were to pay off my debt and buy a house. This year my dream was to live in Bali and learn all about their culture and religions and I did.

      The beauty of life is that dreams are unique to each individual to live and that is what I call living AWOL (another way of life)

      Thinking out side the box to conquer your dreams is what it takes. If the path you are on isn’t providing your dreams to be your reality then it is time to change something – you know what I mean?

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment.


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