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BeachBody Nutrition

Nutrition is essential to losing weight and gaining lean muscle mass. We always have to make sure that we are fueling our bodies with the appropriate amounts of proper nutrients?

My personal favourite is the Chocolate Shakeology Packets are my favourite. Aside from using them as a shake first thing in the morning to file my body with all the essential minerals and nutrients it needs I also use this awesome shake to make no bake healthy cookies, puddings, pie and many more yummy treats! I have a HUGE sweet tooth and just because I am getting healthy and in shape doesn’t mean I have to give up on all the goodness!

Under the drop down bar for nutrition you will find lots of goodies that BeachBody has to offer for nutrition along with a great video put together my Doctors about nutrition and Shakeology

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Yippie Shakeology after an Insanity Work Out… Yes Please! 

(I have the most inspiring view to work from, 2 Eagles Golf Course and the beautiful Okanogan just down)













My favourite invention for mixing my shakeology drinks


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