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My Favourite Fitness Programs

My Favourite BeachBody Fitness Programs

This is a tough one! HA HA I have SO many of the BeachBody programs in my library.

  • Insanity
  • T25
  • PIYO
  • 21 Day Fix Extreme
  • 21 Day Fix
  • Turbo Jam
  • Turbo Fire
  • ALL the 11 Programs that come with the BeachBody on Demand (haven’t tried too many of these yet)

But my ALL TIME favourites are the PIYO and the 21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix Extreme. I will break the programs down for you so you can understand the program and the results :)

Why I Love PIYO

PiYo Canada


In the beginning of summer (2014) I had surgery and wasn’t allowed to workout for 6 weeks and after the 6 weeks I was only able to do VERY light activities. Now I was a GYM RAT and was pretty bummed when I wasn’t able to get in my workouts.

This was around the time one of my girlfriends presented me with with BeachBody opportunity. So I decided that with no weights and no jumps PIYO may just be for me! So I signed up as a coach with the PIYO challenge pack.

With the BeachBody fitness program you can workout:

  • At home
  • in your PJ’s
  • look like a mess
  • give it all you got and don’t have to worry about people staring at you at the gym
  • YELL at the TV screen (or maybe this is just me in challenging moves he he he)
  • And dance around while waiting for the next move 😉 (or again maybe this is just me ha ha)

Here are my results from round 1 of PIYO and Shakeology everyday <3 <3 LOVE this program!

The left was right after surgery and the right was 60 days after beginning PIYO with Shakeology

To Purchase the PIYO in CANADA Click here

To Purchase the PIYO in the UNITED STATES Click here 

** If you’d like to work with me along your journey please message me on Facebook right after purchasing your challenge pack** I run a private support/ challenge group for those who purchase challenge packs through me and would love to have you join us. My Facebook is or if you have any questions at all please reach out <3 <3


 Why I love the 21 Day Fix

The 21 Day Fix and the 21 Day Fix Extreme were the next programs I did right after the PIYO!

I love the 21 Day Fix because it teaches you proper nutrition & fitness over the 21 Days! the program comes with coloured containers for each food group so as long as that food fits into its corresponding food group colour you can eat it!

This program takes away the guess work, calorie counting, and weighing food. Over the 21 Days you will create the habit of healthy eating and exercising of your body. The recipes in the meal planning book are absolutely amazing!!!

I run challenge groups each month for this program as well! I also like to mix the 21 Day Fix and the PIYO.

The 21 Day Fix  program has GREAT modifiers and I would highly recommend it to anyone of any fitness level. On average challengers who are using this program and Shakeology daily care losing 15 pounds and many inches over the 21 Days through healthy eating, fitness and our support groups!

I have an album on my fanpage that goes through my 21 Day Fi Journey! If you have a second please take a peak








The 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack with Vegan Chocolate Shakeology are responsible for the abs in my picture below!! This pic was taken in Mexico and I didn’t have any weights… so I used the next best thing… a bottle of wine 😉

To Purchase the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack in Canada click here

To Purchase the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack in the United States click here 











BeachBody Programs can only be purchased through an Independent BeachBody Coach. At one point you used to be able to purchase them at any large box office stores but recently BeachBody has decided to give the rights to their program sales to coaches  YAY!!

We have ALOT of amazing programs and if the 21 Day Fix or the PIYO aren’t for you then either reach out to me with your fitness goals and we will find a program that works will you or click on the link below to look at all the challenge packs we carry!

All Challenge Packs CANADA 

All Challenge Packs United States

21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix

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