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The internet has really changed the way we live 

Project AWOL was created to inspire the average person to create an income online so you can work less and live more

32 people over 4 weeks were dropped into a $100,000/ month lap top life style on the hill top of Bang Tao Thailand

People from all walks of life, new marketers and experienced marketers, young people and older people, wealthy people and non wealthy people, religious people and non religions are all fighting for one common goal… to live Another Way of Life ( AWOL) 


  • Prepare to be entertained 
  • Prepare to watch us at some of our most raw moments 
  • Prepare to be amazed at the possibilities to change your life 


As I am re-watching and re-living everything I experienced during the filming of this show I can’t help but think how incredible this experience has been for me.

It was 90 days after returning home from filming this show that Tanner and I stepped away from our jobs to work online. Everything is possible with a dream and a desire to learn something new.

I am so eager to get my season up here so I am going to start with season 4, and work my way to season 2… I hope you don’t mind :)


Season 4, Episode 1 – Introduction to Our Cast 



ship wreck island


 Season 4  Episode 2  – The Panel 



Season 4 Episode 3  – Play Jar Day – Watch me kick some butt 






Season 4 Episode 4 – the give Jar, nothing feels better than to be able to give back 



Season 4 Episode 5 – What  perfect Day to End a Perfect Experience

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 9.31.50 PM


Are You Inspired?! 




Project AWOL ( Another Way of Life) is a phenomenal online community of internet entrepreneurs who all support each other on their way to financial independence  

Each one of our 4,321 and growing, members of this community promote the exact same company which makes it easy to encourage, support, and ask for help. 
If you are inspired  by our Reality Show, and what to join this incredible movement then what are you wait for? 
If you are new to the online world that is okay… when we filmed this 
reality show, I literally had only began a few months prior and was barely able to change my Facebook status, and look at where I am a year later.  
Get started right now by CLICKING HERE, watching our company sales video 
 filing out your information, and picking your user name :) – and you 
are off to the races! 
After you have this step done you can expect that I will get in touch with you within the next 24-48 hours to plug you into our community 
of entrepreneurs, give you access to our teams free training, and I would love to get to know you, your goals so we can create a step 
by step blueprint for you to hit your goals. 
My goal is 30K in 90 Days… what is your goal? 
Health, Wealth, and Happiness 





























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