Curious About BeachBody Coaching?


Have you been wondering what BeachBody Coaching Is All About?

I know I have been posting A LOT about this cruise and I may lose a few follows (I hope not).. but I am okay with it if I do!

Passion exudes from me when it comes to living a healthier life, helping other so the same thing and this absolutely incredible company I work along side!!

It still baffles me that I AM ON THIS CRUISE!! That I earned a free trip for me and a guest for being on my fitness journey and sharing it with others.

At times I still feel like I am going to wake up from this beautiful dream – pinch me!!!

Today is my birthday and I am celebrating it in the Bahamas with one of my great friend/ coach / soul sister and many newly found friends, another dream come true!!

Deanna and I were looking around yesterday at all the thousands of people enjoying themselves and celebrating their hard work to get here, when we realized that ALL of these people WOULDN’T have been here this week if it weren’t for the amazing Beachbody coaching opportunity and choosing to look into the opportunity- how amazing is that!!!

We look around and see smiling faces, hear roaring laughter, kids shrieking and running around and we realize this is ALL because these people took a chance on Beachbody coaching just the same as Deanna and I did- this realization melts my heart!

If you have been sitting on the side lines, wondering if coaching may be for you or wondering how the heck we are sitting on a free cruise because of coaching please message me! I was once exactly where you are, sitting behind a computer screen and wondering if I could do this and how it all worked.

I’m off for some more fun in the sun in the solarium for a few hours and we sail away from Jamaica- sunscreen applied šŸ˜Ž

If you in anyway are wondering if possibly coacing could be your thing Message me and Let’s Chat! I am always looking to expand my business by coaching and mentoring others so they to an experience the wonderful opportunity that Beachbody offers.10300426_467940023416330_8329837887615159141_n


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