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What is a Challenge Pack

What is a BeachBody Challenge Pack


A BeachBody Challenge Pack is simply one of our many workout programs paired with a month supply of Shakeology! A challenge pack is at a nicely discounted rate for purchasing your fitness and nutrition together :)

A challenge pack is the complete fitness journey package, it is everything you need!

When you purchase a challenge pack through me you will receive not only the fitness program and Shakeolology but also access to my private support/ challenge groups! These groups are amazing to keep yourself determined, inspired, and pushing hard for the success you want in your journey.


What is a Challenge Group?

Challenge groups are a private group which I run through Facebook. Typically I will run 2 per month, 1 PiYo and 1 21 Day Fix

  • Help you stay on track to your fitness goals
  • They help you achieve results because they are filled with others who are just as determined to achieve great results like you are
  • my advice, tips and encouragement everyday to press play, eat healthy, and do your very best ! !
  • support from challenge team mates, recipes, tips, tricks,
  • and a heck of a lot of fun!!!

Ladies in my previous challenge groups have told me that without these groups they would have given up in week 1! Working out from home is fun BUT you have to be dedicated to doing it by yourself… but with a group of people as determined as you are they will hold you accountable to getting through the program <3 <3

Each month there are different challenge packs on sale!

My personal absolute favourite challenge packs are the 

  1. Piyo with Vegan Shakeology
  2. 21 Day Fix with Vegan Shakeology








I run each of these groups monthly and would love to have you take part in my next one! Whether you are looking to lose 10, 15, 25, 45 pounds+ or just tone up we are here to help you!

You can purchase your Challenge Pack here if you’d like OR reach out to me on Facebook and we can chat about it first!

As your coach I will be here for You ever step of Your way on your fitness journey <3

To Purchase a Challenge Pack and join my Next challenge group:

  2. In the middle box choose “Buy a Challenge Pack” OR “Choose Your Challenge Pack”
  3. Follow the steps and choose your favourite Shakeology flavour
  4. Ensure it says your coach is “Lindy Davis”

Challenge Pack





Upon completion of the workout program you are in you will receive a pretty neat little T-shirt, depending on which program you are doing! This is for posting your before and after pics on your personal wowee super gym you get to log your workouts!

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    1. Hi Debi! I am still a coach. I apologize about the late response. I had to get a new computer, and all my passwords to my accounts were automatically saved on that computer. It took awhile to retrieve the password for my website. Are you still looking to become a coach? I would love to chat with you more about it :) Hope you are having a great day

  1. I am looking to become a coach eventually…first I need ones to kick start my journey…wondering if you are still an active coach?

    1. Hi Debi, I am still an active coach :) I have been coaching now for almost 3 years, and LOVE the journey of helping others. Do you have facebook or email? It is easier for me to chat on either of those methods as they notify me right away of a response. I look forward to talking more with you :)

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