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Understanding Your Travel partners Intentions

How much fun is it travelling with people who you enjoy their company, people who are like minded, and people who value the same things in life as you do? I feel so privileged that I have many friends who are online entrepreneurs that enjoy travelling as much as I do, I sometimes forget what it is like to travel with people who are not completely on the same page as you until people tell me these crazy stories of their horror vacations! Our buddy…

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Here’s to $1,500 Nap at the Double Tree Miami

So here we are.   After a red-eye flight to Miami this weekend we arrived exhausted and ready for an early check-in.   First things first…get horizontal and catch a couple hrs of sleep before our conference begins later in the night so we can soak in all the knowledge from theĀ 5 and 6-figure monthly earners that they have to offer.   So we check-in, throw down our luggage and head for bed.   When we wake some 3 hours later, we both flipped open…

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Perspective of Traveling While You Are Young

Perspective of Traveling While You Are Young

We have hear time and time again that you should travel while you are young because you may never do it later.

This article goes past this theory, into what travelling will do for young people

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

28 Flights, 6 countries, 1 Year

In 2013 I spent a lot of time in airports and ALOT of time in flight. Earlier in 2013 I took part in a reality show based on online entrepreneurs that was filmed in Phuket Thailand. I attended a few online entrepreneur conferences in the States and flew to Denver for the launch of our reality show. August 2013 I left for Bali where my boyfriend and I moved to for 3 months. Can you tell I have a passion for travelling and experiencing the…

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Income of a Traveller

For those of you that are following me journey around the world and those of you who are new to my journey have probably wondered at one point or another… how a 26 year old and a 27 year old can afford to travel the world.   Tanner and I set out on our journey August 31st 2013. Me leaving my job with an oil field company in Edmonton and Tanner giving up his real estate license.   THEY MUST HAVE WON THE LOTTERY THEY…

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Sunny Slopes and Automated Income

This is the first year I have been back on skis since doing school field trips in Grade 6 .. Which now was 14 years ago! – Crazy how quickly time flies Those of you who are following me know my story is to take on a new adventure with my BF every 3 months… so you guessed it we are taking on the adventure of being ski bums living in a $7,000/month chalet on Big White Ski Hill near Kelowna British Columbia. Today was…

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