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I am one of those CRAZY DOG MOMS!

I am officially one of those CRAZY Dog MOMS and I LOVE IT!!

JAXXXXXX NOOOOOOOO…. my favourite words lately.


Jax is 9 weeks old today & has been nestling quite well into my home, into my life, and into my heart <3


. It’s crazy how much you can adore a wee little 4 legged friend & how quickly they become attached to you <3

This spotted bum, wee man is a Frenchton, Bull Terrier, Pitbull and is as rumbustious as can be – my gosh, can he be a handful 😉 and those PUPPY EYES…. and let’s not forget the kisses  and every once in awhile you’ll get snagged with his razor sharp puppy teeth bites.. the joys of having a young puppy <3 <3

Before getting Jax I kept saying that I wanted a dog who would be able to keep up with my busy & active lifestyle. I wanted to be able to take my dog for runs through the river valley, on hiking tips, camping trips, kayak trips (I bought him a life jacket yesterday), biking trips but I also wanted a dog who liked to cuddle & relax! Every other dog that I applied for, or inquired about was already taken or on quarantine… but for some reason this little critter was the one left in a litter of 10 and he would be mine <3

These last 4 days have been a lot of fun, a lot of coffee  has been consumed, a lot of JAXXXXXX NOOOOOOOOO… and there goes another pair of sandals … at least they were cheap (Ardene’s has the best sales $1.00)!!!


In the 4 days Jax has been living with me he has learned how to sit down on command, where his house is, the door he comes in, how to walk on a leash (well we are still working on that but he is improving quite fast), how to sleep in his kennel all night, and how to cuddle like a champion – I swear if there was an award, Jax would win!

I am not sure why this little man has come into my life but I could not be happier! He has provided me with so much love, attention, cuddles, spunk, life, and has brought another fulfilling purpose into my life.

…So call me CRAZY but I am very excited to be a PUPPY MOM!!!

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