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The Adventures of Jax – The Bully!

It is official – I am a Bully Puppy Mom!

My life is always on the go! If I am not busy with 10 things on the go then I must be sick. After having an amazing 5 days with 25,000 fellow BeachBody Coaches in Nashville, I came home and went straight to helping my cousin get ready for her wedding and a few days later would be part of the wedding party. On top of that, I run a successful BeachBody Coaching business, run fitness challenge groups, work full time (not for much longer), workout and somehow still managed to have time for friends and family.

To add to my busy, chaotic, but absolutely amazing life I decided it was time to find the perfect puppy for me! This puppy had to be the perfect fit for my busy and adventurous life after all he will be coming everywhere with me (his first kayak trip is only a few days away)

My alarm clock went off at 8:30am the day after the wedding festivities and off I went to meet my potential little fella!

Meet Jax The Bully Puppy


10 little white bodied pups with brindle markings came barrelling down the steps when my car pulled in… which one was Jax? At this point I had already been talking with the lady who had the litter of puppies for a few weeks and knew which four legged friend I was coming out to meet.


I got out of my car and sat on the ground. I was in puppy heaven as 10 little guys surrounded me, wagging their tails uncontrollably! However there was one little guy with 2 brindle patches over his eyes and one on his bum that jumped right into my lap… this was him, this was the guy that I was taking home, this must be Jax!


From the moment I picked him up, to the moment I am writing this (3 days later) he hasn’t left my side. Jax was meant to come into my life!! I am excited for all of our adventures together, training him, loving him, and having him apart of my life.

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^^^ He is going to be trouble, my little man has already taught himself how to escape đŸ˜‰

Stay tuned for more stories, tips & tricks (as I go through puppy training), laughable and lovable moments with the adventures of Jax the Bully!

Lindy – 3 Star Diamond BeachBody Coach, fitness junkie, dog lover, puppy owner, adventure seeker, and traveller!





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