Canadian Coaches Rock it at BeachBody Summit 2016


Canadian Coaches Rock it at BeachBody Summit 2016!!!!

We’ve come this far..

Not as individuals…

…but as a Team! 

We’ve broken down barriers
Lifted each other up
Pushed each other out of our comfort zones
Made break throughs
Challenged each other
Support each other

…and helped changed & shape each other’s lives for the better!

A few of us knew each other prior to this event, most of us met for the very first time. We are leaving United and stronger than ever… we are TEAM AWOL ” a team built by a team” ready to empower and change more lives.

Last year there were 3 BeachBody Coaches from Canada
This year there are 9
Next year we are ALREADY standing tall at 25

… stay tuned, entire team photos to come!!

Your vibe attracts your tribe


BeachBody Coaches Canada Rock!!!

This business is FUN, this business is energetic, this business is passion, this business is LOVE, this business is FREEDOM, this business is SUCCESS, this business is LIFE!!!

Do you think our amazing team of Canada BeachBody Coaches can double in size by next BeachBody Coach Summit in New Orleans 2017??

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