Oops She Did It Again!!! – CONGRATSS!!

It’s not everyday that you get to make such a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT to congratulate a coach on this particular Milestone achieved <3 <3 I am beyond blessed to be making this post, and sharing with all of you!!!

Back in Feb of this year Deanna hit SUCCESS CLUB 5 ALL STAR STATUS!!!!

This girl right here deserves a huge recognition for this accomplishment. It takes hours of work, business planning, determination, and big dreams to achieve SC 5 ALL STAR.

Deanna is 100% committed to her business, she has never allowed life to get in the way! She is one heck of a busy gal but since day 1 has always made time for her business, her challengers, her clients, and all of us amazing coaches in this team. Because of her mentality, her big dreams & goals, and this supportive team Deanna has achieved SC 5 ALL STAR STATUS!!!

So what is SC 5 ALL STAR??

Success Club All Stars are Coaches who know no bounds. They show up to work every single day. And they wield the power of the 3 Vital Behaviors to achieve Success Club each and every month. But what makes the following Coaches so special is they’ve qualified for Success Club for a minimum of 12 consecutive months.

What does she get as a SC 5 ALL STAR??

> A permanent spot in the Success Club Hall of Fame
>Immeasurable business growth
> Recognition in the Coach Online Office, social media, and newsletters
>Onstage recognition at the annual Coach Summit – OHHH and this is ONLY one of the recognitions Deanna will receive on stage this year at Summit (pretty neat eh)

Deanna, I am so sorry I am late on this recognition post! I am so darn proud of you for achieving this♥ I am going to be down on the floor seats at summit cheering you on & then we are going to celebrate after the opening ceremonies.

You and your business has been a true inspiration to me. My fanpage mentality is “when in doubt, check Deanna out” HA HA but seriously you are doing absolutely amazing things with your business and your team; It makes me so happy to watch and be apart of.

This year is going to be one heck of a year for your business & I am pumped up to be apart of it <3 <3 <3 

So happy that BeachBody Coaching brought us together as not only business partners but good friends!!!!

Congratulations girl!!!!!

Oh PS I couldn’t decide on just one picture so I chose a bunch!!!

SC 5

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