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My transformation Tuesday is going to be a little different this week

So proud of one of my coaches for hitting this incredible milestone simply for sharing her fitness journey and helping others along her way <3 

There has been an incredible milestone achieved in this team and it NEEDS to be recognized <3 <3

WOW, I don’t even know what to say right now. My heart is beyond FULL!

The coolest thing in this business is watch it bless those people around you. I couldn’t be more happier than I am right now to do a HUGE shout out to Danielle Mahovsky, my heart is so full it is nearly bursting!!<3 <3

I have been chatting with Coach Tanner the last few minutes about summit, new coaches ect ect and he let it slip that his absolutely inspiring and beautiful fiancé Danielle Mahovsky purchased a BRAND NEW 2016 FORD ESCAPE yesterday

… and the payments WILL BE COVERED by the income they are generating with BeachBody!!!

Please help me give her a huge shout out, this girl deserves it!!! Thinking back to a year ago, Danielle wanted nothing to do with this business ( HA HA it makes me laugh thinking about this now, she is a natural born leader, and such an inspiration to me along with many many other people who follow her)

… When I look around and see everything that this amazing business opportunity brings to peoples lives I get a little emotional!


Not only can it bring financial gains but also it brings people into your life that you may have lost contact with over the year or some people who you would have never met! This business blesses you with abundance in all areas of your life, if you let it.

So so so so proud of you girl!!!! I just want to run over to your house and give you a huge hug!!!

Seriously though, coffee date ASAP and a ride in your new whip!!!

*** BeachBody DOES NOT guarantee any income when you sign up as a coach *** Untitled design-11

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