Cheers To A Dream Come True

Cheers To A Dream Come True!!

We are on the LARGEST ship in the sea (Royal Caribbean Oasis) at last and have finally set sail !!!! “I’m on a boat!!”

Today Deanna and I are beginning our celebrations as coaches on the annual beachbody vacation!!

Last year I never thought it’d be possible for me to be on this trip.

I was a newer coach, I wished to be here but didn’t fully believe it would happen.

Fast forward 365 Days and here I am, onboard this magnificent ship !! Celebrating with over 6,000 other coaches from across North America and one of my top coaches Deanna!

Something that was once a dream and seemed completely intangible was actually an opportunity sitting right in front of me waiting for me to reach out and grab it!

  • .. so Cheers to another amazing year of coaching !!
  • Cheers to those of you who have allowed me to help you change your life through healthy and fitness
  • Cheers to the coaches who run with me
  • Cheers to all my followers
  • Cheers to my family, and friends for being my biggest supporters

And cheers to everyone who Will be sitting right next to us in 365 days!!!


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