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Being Relentless

And THAT’S A WRAP!!! Post Workout thoughts:

.. This concludes my last day at NLC, and my last hotel workout for this trip!!!

As I was working out one message came to mind RELENTLESS!

The CEO of our amazing company Carl Daikeler spoke about this word in our opening sessions on Thursday night. This word I have been pondering over the last few days to make it applicable to my life and my business as a Beachbody coach.

When it comes to the things you want in your life you have to be Relentless!!! You have to LOOK opposition Right in the face and own it and be fearless when it comes to conquering your dreams!!!

Keep your dreams in front of you, stay passionate, stay focused and keep moving towards them. You will have set backs, you will have “failures” (I put that in “” because I really don’t like that word ) but that is your story to success!!


Like Carl said be RELENTLESS in your pursuit of your hope & dreams. For when you are relentless in your passion, you WILL persist until you have SUCCESS!!!

Is your why so strong, that it is time to take action?! If so, put your head down, map out a game plan, stare your opposition in the eyes, and move forward!!!

It’s Your choice if You will make your passion your future, and if you are Relentless it will become your reality!!!

Happy Saturday <3 What does Relentless mean to you in your life?

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