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BeachBody Leadership Conference

Another Trip – Thanks BeachBody!!

WHAT A DAY!!! – Thank You BeachBody!!! 

One of the many things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving weekend is the decision I made 1 year and 6 months ago… to join BeachBody as a coach and build a coaching business!!! (yes it was scary at first)

This morning I looked at my bank account and noticed a nice little bonus from BeachBody of just over $900.00 for the third quarter, 2 Star Diamond Bonus!!! – This was a nice little surprise that I completely forgot about :)

…Fast Forward a few hours and I received an email from BeachBody inviting me to the New Leader Conference held in Los Angeles at the end of January for the coaches who have advanced passed 2 Star Diamond in 2015!!! – I can’t believe this, and being able to mingle with the CEO Carl Daikeler is making me a wee bit nervous !!!! My hotels will be paid for and my flights are paid for from the 4th quarter bonus!!! This conference is going to be amazing <3 <3  – Plus escaping the cold Alberta winter will be an added bonus!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you BeachBody !!! This company has literally changed my life<3

** This up coming year has many exciting things in store, all thanks to BeachBody and taking that leap to sign up as a coach **

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BeachBody Leadership Conference

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