Canada Elite BeachBody Coach!

Star Diamond Canadian BeachBody Coach Ranks 368

Star Diamond Canadian BeachBody Coach Ranks 368

WOW! I am so unbelievably excited, and happy right now!

June 2014 when I started my Beachbody coaching, I had NO idea what I was doing! I knew I loved the programs, I loved my Shakeology, and I LOVED the business opportunity just for helping others with their fitness transformation!!

I knew I wanted to help others feel the same way I felt after completing a program and I knew I also wanted to help teach others how to get their Shakeology paid for each month by helping others feel as good as they do!!!! I simply believed in this company so much! 

Yesterday I received my elite ranking email!!!

WHATTTTTT.. REALLY?!!??! I am currently ranked 368 coach out of over 300,000?!?!?!

I am so unbelievably excited right now, how is this possible for such a small town gal to accomplish?!?!

The even cooler and more awesome thing is that I have 3 other ladies who received their Elite emails yesterday!!!!!!

I do know for certain, that If I can do this, ANYONE can do this ( and these 3 other coaches on my team are proof of this) <3 <3  Take a chance and be bold, you may be surprised with your out come 😉

PS if you have been falling me for some time and want to know more about Beachbody’s programs or coaching, simply reach out to me! I answer every message I receive

LOVE LOVE LOVE being a Star Diamond Canadian BeachBody Coach!!!

Canada Elite BeachBody Coach!

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