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Thank You BeachBody

Thank you BeachBody for allowing me to take my life back!

A lot of you who have been following my journey have know BeachBody is responsible for my 20 pound weight loss right after surgery, BeachBody is responsible for me gaining back my confidence and self esteem and feeling great about myself BUT something I don’t talk about often is that BeachBody is also responsible for changing my life financially!!

You know that feeling when you just feeling like you need to be alone? Like you want to be stress-free, calm, and have all your worries melt away? … but how can you escape with the bills piling up?
You know that feeling that you want some mental clarity, some answers, and get re-focused? ugh… Yoga & massages are just too expensive to go regularly but you know you need to!

You know that feeling that you are stressed to the max and just want to run away and escape… or climb under a rock to go and hide? – but where can you go when you don’t have the funds in your budget?

….. all of these things above were me… ONLY a few months ago!!!


Well.. I must admit I am pretty darn lucky, as a full time BeachBody Coach that I have built a business that I NEVER want to escape from. I have built a business were I make a full time income in very part time hours! BUT … It wasn’t always like that – There were times in the beginning where it was HARD, I worked many hours trying to figure it all out, when I wanted to pull out my hair and just QUIT… but I believed that it would come, I believed so full heartedly in the products and in the business that I REFUSE TO GIVE ! I kept plugging away, day by day, week by week, month by month.. and 15 months later it’s so hard to imagine how much things have changed!!

When I first started coaching I remember thinking to myself:

  • Will I ever be able to make BeachBody a full time business?
  • Will I ever be able to replace my income?
  • How will I find people who want to work with me?
  • Why would someone want to work with me?
  • Can I even do this in part time hours?
  • The coaches that are doing so well must be lucky and have big networks?
  • How can I afford to spend money on this business?

…. okay back to the stress!

Have you ever stressed out about:

  1. Not having enough money to take a vacation or even a weekend get away
  2. Choosing something on the menu because you could afford it and not because you actually want it?
  3. Having to pay for a cheaper hotel because you are on a tight budget?
  4. Saving up money for your future
  5. Or being able to fix your vehicle
  6. Or … how about being able to pay off your DEBT?

This long weekend I spent it out in Radium, British Columbia! It was pouring rain, we were soaking wet but we dressed for it, so it was a blast!!

I told myself this weekend I WAS NOT allowed to touch social media ( okay I did a few times) , my blog, or log into my emails! I was allowing myself to ENJOY & APPRECIATE everything I have worked so hard for!! It was so hard! I snuck in a little bit of Coaching here and there!

This weekend I took the time to be grateful for everything this wonderful company, business, opportunity has brought into my life in the last 15 months, things I never thought possible, income I never thought possible!

I used to stress about money, I was never able to escape for the weekends and head for a get away without freaking out at the prices of everything. I used to choose the items on the menu that were cheapest, and not what I actually wanted to eat. I used to choose the cheapest hotels to stay in, and not be able to splurge!! I used to nickel and dime everything!!!

… If you are still reading this post, I want you to stop and think about how things can change in your life with

  • an extra $500/ month?
  • What about an extra $2000/ month?
  • How about $5,000/ month?
  • How about an extra $10,000 per month? –

BeachBody Coach Canada

some of those numbers are hard to imagine right?? How would the stress go down in your life? Would you be able to do a few more things on your bucket list? 

To sum this up, I am so fortunate I took the chance to change my life and the lives of hundreds of others!! 15 months ago I never thought my life would be like this, I never thought I would be able to achieve what I have achieved… but I was wrong and you could be too!

If this message resonated with you, even in the slightest, then please reach out and message me! Just remember 15 months ago, I was sitting where you are right now, wondering if this is something I should pursue, wondering if it would work, and I had a million + 1 questions about BeachBody Coaching!

Send me a message on my Facebook or email me at and if you become a coach your can reach me anytime on cell phone!!

Thank you BeachBody for building such an amazing opportunity which has changed so many lives through health, wealth, and finances!!

Lindy 3 Star Dimond beachBody Coach Canada


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