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21 Day Fix Fixate

For the LOVE of The 21 Day Fix !

I am in LOVE with the 21 Day Fix Program by Autumn Calabrese

Have you tried this program yet? I am not going to get into the program it self, because I have done a few posts about it and plus I would love to get to know you… so message me on facebook if you want to know all the specifics and we can find out if the program is right for you!

The 21 Day Fix is responsible along with PIYO for my 20 pound weight loss after having Surgery and gaining a lot of unwanted weight :( :( Not only me though! I have 2 of my Aunties who have completed a few rounds, gotten amazing results, many friends, fellow coaches, and of course my clients!!! (The pic below is when we worked out with Autumn Calabrese!!! )

Coach Summit WorkoutAutumn

However I REALLY don’t think it should be called the “21 Day Fix” this program is NO fix, it is a lifestyle changer!!! the 21 Day Fix teaches you how to eat properly for Your body!! We are not all cookie cutters, and this program is very customizable :)

I met Autumn in Nashville and actually enjoyed a workout with her in person… she is just as much a butt kicker in real life as she is when she is on your TV! Autumn Calabrese gives a good workout for the beginner all the way up to the advanced person.. just love the program!!!!

Autumn Calabrese StarDiamondReception_CF0136-XL


My Aunty Lori, just finished 2 rounds of the 21 Day Fix and has now lost 23 pounds with 2 rounds, right after she got out of surgery and doing the modified exercises (there really is something for everyone!!!) !!! So proud of her <3 <3 – picture below!!!



HERE is ME!!! this is one year later, down 20 pounds of fat and added muscles!!! I have completely changed my lifestyle, learned how to eat properly for my body, and been able to KEEP IT OFF with everything I have learned about making healthy eating choices and getting in 30 minutes of workouts each day :) – in the comfort of my home, which is the best, I sweat like CrAzY, and give it my all when no one is watching :)

21 Day Fix Transformation


Isn’t it crazy how much 20 pounds can change your look!!!!?!?!

SOOOO… to add to my excitement of the 21 Day Fix program, Autumn Calabrese made a cookbook called Fixate! Fixate has 101 recipes which are all portion controlled with the coloured containers for us!!! There are some of the yummiest meal in here and it really goes to show that you can REALLY ENJOY THE FOORS YOU LOVE AND STILL LOSE WEIGHT!!!

21 Day Fix Fixate

I just finished wrapping up 12 Fixate Cookbooks and getting them ready to send in the mail to 12 lucky ladies!!! I am so pumped to hear what each of their favourite recipes is and give them all a try!!! I hope you ladies have as much fun Fixating and 21 Day Fixing as I do!!! I am really excited to see all of your transformation pictures after 1 round, and after a few rounds!!!

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