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3DayRefresh Canada

3 Days To Refresh – The Good, The Bad, and the not so Ugly

Here is my truthful testimonial of BeachBody’s 3 Day Refresh!

3 Day Refresh Canada

To be 100% honest with you, I have looked at the 3 Day Refresh for the last year and wondered if it actually worked! I have ulcerative colitis and have to be EXTREMELY careful what I put into my body as lots of things, even though they could be natural can cause me ALOT of grief and possibly send me to the hospital from complications of this disease.

I have a nutritionist who I consult with and have for year. On a normal day I consume about 1795 Calories, which seems like ALOT of food to people especially because of my size… and heck it is A LOT of food but I am pretty active with my  5′ 6 and 127 pound frame. Anyways that was a little off topic haha – I like to chat 😉

When I decided to give the 3 Day Refresh a go, I ordered it, and went through the manual 100’s of times before committing myself to it. the meal plan consists of about 900 calories… EEEKKKKK 900 calories… when I normally consume 1795 at day?? I am going to starve, NO WONDER people get amazing results with this program … LOL

Day 1 of the 3 Day Refresh

Here goes nothing!! I am a sugar and carb addict when I am not following a program. I start my next round of the 21 Day Fix with my new challenge group starting August  3rd (tomorrow) and needed something to kickstart my body and ween me from those pesky cravings! The 3 Day Refresh is it, and staring at me on the counter. I decided to open up and actually commit to it, by taking my first of 4 shakes that day!

I followed day 1 to a “T” ! The fiber sweep in the morning made me bloated and was a little nervous to see how the rest of the 3 days went if this was bloating me. I read some testimonials on this and bloating is a side effect of a few people, along with gas (didn’t have that, but it is very normal if you do experience it) This may be TMI but I was so nervous about getting the poops or something so I didn’t want to test this out while out and about but that doesn’t happen, well at least not to me anyways.

By the end of the day I had survived and quite proud of myself!!! I had MASSIVE sugar cravings, and carb cravings but I toughed through it with tea and getting out of the house to take my mind off things.

Towards the end of the day I wasn’t bloated anymore, I had energy, and wasn’t tired or hungry as I had predicted I would have been.

Day 2 of the 3 Day Refresh

Things started moving this morning!! My friend who has been following my journey with health & fitness with me since Day 1, over a year ago was there. She was shocked at my “sim’s belly” as it had disappeared over night!! LOL Either way, Sim’s belly or not I will take that as a good sign to keep going!

Day two of the 3 Day Refresh was very similar to day 1 EXCEPT I no longer had sugar and carb cravings! My body felt lighter, more energized and I felt like I had more focus and was much more alert! COULD THIS ACTUALLY BE WORKING??!?!

Day 3 of the 3 Day Refresh

Today was the final day and must like the other days. However I no longer craved bad things at all!!! This is SHOCKING to me because carbs and sweets are the first thing I turn to, to devour!

Today I jumped on the airplane at 6:30 in the am to head home and immediately jump in my car to go and help my dad move into his new house!! I seriously thought I was going to be lacking in calories and energy to get through this day.

By 10pm when we were done, I sat down and put my feet up and realized how tired I was but I think that more so had to do with the early morning, flying, and moving into a house in the muggy heat!

My over all thoughts on the 3 Day Refresh

I LOVE it, I have never felt so great in such a short period of time in my life. it is amazing what your body can store in it, and that stored crap (literally) can make you feel sluggish, tired, grumpy, moody, no energy, craving horrible foods ect ect ect. I called my mom and told her that never in my life since I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis have felt so good with my bowels ( maybe TMI) as I do right now.

I will be suggesting everyone who is on their fitness journey with me to the 3 Day Refresh before we begin our fitness programs! It sets you up to succeed, and gets those nasty cravings from your system, improves your digestion, gets rid of toxins in your body, promotes better sleeps. it is amazing!!!

I now have this program on auto-ship every month! The first of every month I will be 3 Day Refreshing it 😀 😀

*** I took a chance with my ulcerative colitis and used this program but I would highly recommend if you have any medical issues at all to consult with your doctor first** I have had UC since 1997 and am really good at listening to my body and letting it heal naturally but not everyone can or should be doing that! So double check please 😀 ****

3DayRefresh Canada

OH PS I HATE THE SCALE… and do not have my weight before the 3 Day Refresh or my weight after the 3 Day Refresh!  But you can really see results from the picture 😀 – I should do a blog post on why I hate scales so much 😛 😛


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