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BeachBody’s CIZE and My 2 Left Feet

CIZE is finally here and I have 2 left feet… how literally though ( just thought I would clarify! HA HA)

The other day I posted on my fanpage that if I received 20 likes on this one particular photo that I would do a video of me doing Shaun T’s hottest new dancing workout CIZE!!!

Little did I know that within a few minutes I had over 20 likes and comments on this CIZE photo. So being a lady of my word I did it!!

No practise, 2 left feet, no rhythm, BUT I HAD AN ABSOLUTE BLAST!! Who knew working out could be so much fun!!

This is the first time I have stepped out of my comfort zone and posted a video of me working out, so please be easy on me đŸ˜‰ But seriously this program is a BLAST! When I was finished CIZING it up I wanted to press play and learn another dance, thats how good it is and usually I AM NOT a dance lover.

If you think you may be interested or want to know more about the program CIZE don’t be afraid to reach out to me. As a coach I am here to help you choose the best program for your body and your goals as well as help you stay focused to achieve results! Find out how I and my team can help you. Facebook message me or you can also email me

The really fun thing about this is as a coach you can get certified in CIZE to teach it in live classes. This is my plan, to get certified so I can teach this live… with more practise of course đŸ˜‰

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll!!!

If the video below isn’t working you can click here and go directly to my YouTube channel :)

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