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On stage, 25000 People, Nashville Coach Summit 2015 Came to An End!

Now you will probably all think I am crazy BUT..

SAY WHAT… BeachBody Coach Summit was held in Nashville Tennessee just this last weekend and I never even went site seeing!!

I love my country music but this trip was all about business, networking,recognition  and having an absolute blast with 1000’s of fellow team BeachBody coaches!! Actually 25,000 BeachBody Coaches to be exact!

I am not even sure Downtown Nashville knew what hit it when BeachBody arrived for our annual Summit! I cannot even begin to describe what it was like, I can tell you everything and show you picture but it is truly something you have to experience for yourself.

BeachBody Coach summit 2015 Nashville

From the second we landed at the airport to all the local restaurants to the garbage cans & light posts downtown, BeachBody did not cheap out on any of the little added details. Sometimes when a company puts on an event this large it will be chaotic, and unorganized but the amount of time, dedication and commitment this company put into the event far exceeded anything I have ever seen before. I was BLOWN AWAY

I was one of the few Canadian BeachBody Coaches to be Recognized on Stage infront of 25,000 people!!!

A few weeks before I boarded the plane to head to Nashville I received a personalized letter in the mail inviting me to be recognized on stage in front of 25,000 fellow coaches from all over North America. What an absolute honour to be able to receive recognition of this magnitude!!!! – Seriously me?!?!

BeachBody Coach Elite Party

…. But the BeachBody recognition didn’t stop there!

Team BeachBody Success Club & 2 Star Diamond + Parties

BeachBody puts on a first class party for their coaches who achieve Success Club as well as those coaches who received the rank of 2 Star Diamond and above! For the Success Club Part the downtown across from Music City Centre was closed off and patrolled by the local police. We had live bands playing, food, drinks and the yummiest desserts and of course hours of mingling with fellow coaches, and some of the top coaches in BeachBody like Lindsay Matway and Melanie Mitro along with Celebrity Trainers like my personal favourite Autumn Calabrese!

Autumn Calabrese StarDiamondReception_CF0136-XL

Lindsay Matway BeachBody Top Coach

Melanie Mitro beachBody Top Coach

After the Success Club Party we were told to all congregate in a specific area as there was going to be a parade!!! YAY I love parades … HA HA little did we know that we were in the parade!! With more streets blocked off and patrolled by the local police we were escorted down by the river where the duelling pianos awaited us.. What a night to remember! This was the 2 Star Diamond + Party and had about 200 people attending. the lights, the leather white couches, the pianos, the photographers, the bars, the food tables WOW I literally have no words to sum it up .. exact I CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE OF MY COACHES TO EXPERIENCE THIS NEXT YEAR!!

2 Star Diamond BeachBody Coach Summit

Everything above happened on the Friday night, it was a jam packed weekend!!! Saturday bright and early it was a celebrity trainer workout of your choice! Donald, Deanna and I chose to go to the 21 Day Fix live with Autumn Calabrese! There were probably about 500 other coaches packed in the room doing this workout with us, such an awesome experience and I already cannot wait until next year.!!!! UNREAL!!! It was pretty cool to see this many people all in one room pushing hard to get their workouts in with the one and only Autumn Calabrese!!

Coach Summit WorkoutAutumn

Saturday afternoon and Sunday were filled with workshops! Here were choose what and who we wanted to listen to. The workshops were super impactful and we almost filled a note book with the amount of notes we took!! Something Donald, Deanna and myself were eager to share with our team as soon as we got to the hotel each night!


Okay to be honest I just heard that it was a record breaking workout, I haven’t checked anywhere to see if this in indeed the case. BUT again the downtown strip was closed down and patrolled by the local police and everyone who was at Summit lined the streets and all worked out together for 1.5 hours. I walked down there with Donald and Deanna, in my workout gear ready to go but had to leave :( I was so sick and sadly couldn’t handle the workout! But I heard so many good things and unbelievably proud of Donald and Deanna along with everyone else for getting the workout done in the heat !! Way to go!!

Largest Workout


How can I forget about “The Core” ?! This was BeachBody’s 25,000SQ Foot store they had set up!!! Everything minus a few items were 25% off! I stocked up on over $500.00 worth of goodies!!! HA HA

The Core BeachBody My over all experience of BeachBody Summit 2015 in Nashville  was something I cannot put into words! The amount the company cares for each and everyone of their coaches was evident at this event. This was my first year at BeachBody Summit in Nashville and already counting down the days until the next one.. HURRY UP!!!

Next year I am  crossing the stage as a 3 Star Diamond Canadian Beachbody Coach( most likely 5+ Star by then) , Success Club 5 All Star and a Premier Coach (pushing for the top 200 of the company elite!!!)

I am most excited for the 14 coaches who have confirmed already that they are coming with us next year, and all the coaches who will earn their free ticket!! BRING ON COACH SUMMIT 2016, lets do this TEAM BEACHBODY!!!!

If you have been sitting on the fence about starting as a coach, reach out to me and ask me questions! I will always make myself available to answer questions in a very open, honest and friendly manner!!

Thank you BeachBody for having this amazing first class event!! I truly appreciate all the hard work in organizing such a function and huge thank you to my coaches who attended with me, you helped make this the experience it was… and thank you to all the coaches who have made it a priority for next year, I can’t wait to celebrate each of you and all your accomplishes at BeachBody Summit 2016 in Nashville!!  <—— follow me on Facebook for daily posts, and more pictures 😀 !!

BeachBody Summit 2015



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