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Sneak Peak of our Day 1 Extreme Body Makeover – Booty Edition

Today is Day 1 for my Extreme Body Makeover: Booty Edition!!!!

Awesome right?

Here is a sneak peak of post 1 from day 1 – how fun is this!! WE have 32 ladies all ready to hit their goals with us over the next 21 Days πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

1. Progress pictures: Take your pictures front, back and side.
Some tips for your pictures: Best clothing is spandex with a sports bra, get someone to help you with your pictures and stand against a blank wall. Don’t suck in, be honest with yourself you will want to see your true results! I know I couldn’t stand looking at my original pics but keep them to track your progress! Don’t be discouraged by these pictures, say good bye to them! Say goodbye to everything you dislike about those pictures and in 21 days you will be amazed how far you’ve come. You do not need to post these but hopefully in 21 days you will WANT to! Take progress pic in the same clothing each Monday( first progress pic is next Monday = 1 week in)

2. Take a Sweaty selfie everyday after your workout no matter what time it is. it’s amazing how inspiring a post workout selfies is!

3. Post everyday Shake recipes, meals, anything inspirational, your struggles, anything and everything! We will have have questions, struggles and successes, remember this group is here for you!
Can’t wait to start with you amazing ladies! Happy Monday!!

~Never Miss A Monday~

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