3 Star Diamond Canada BeachBody Coach

After 18 Weeks of Straight Qualifying, A New Canadian 3 Star Diamond Emerges!!

After 18 Weeks of Straight Qualifying, I am officially a 3 Star Diamond BeachBody Coach!!!

I am a little late in posting this but a HUGE THANK YOU goes out to all the love and support I have received from fellow coaches, fitness challengers, BeachBody leaders, corporate and all of you in taking the time to congratulate me on this huge milestone of 3 Star Diamond I received on Thursday!!!

I am so blessed to have such an awesome team of coaches who have helped me achieve this rank PLUS all of the wonderful fitness challenger who are a part of my groups who push me each and every day to continue doing what I do <3 <3 

A huge thank you to each and everyone of you!! Now HURRY UP NASHVILLE so I can celebrate with a few wonderful coaches <3 <3


“Lindy, Lindy, Lindy, where oh where do I begin!!!

This journey started with these three words…”Check this out?”

I believe the rest is history, the last year has been an incredible journey for you, for me and for everyone on this team that you have helped, mentored and encouraged along the way. Most of us on this amazing team know your story (for those that don’t know Lindy’s story of how she became a TWO STAR DIAMOND just two short weeks ago scroll down a bit, you will see Lindy’s awesome story) I know that I’m excited to see what new adventures you have planned for reaching your fourth shinny star!!

All of us on this amazing TEAM would like to be the first to Congratulate you on your success in receiving your THREE STAR DIAMOND!!

Way to go!!” – My coach Chantelle


“When the fire is lit there is no stopping Lindy Davis!! After 18 weeks of straight qualifying Lindy has now reached the rank of 3 STAR DIAMOND COACH! To reach this level is not easy and takes a great leader and a great team!! Lindy is now on her way to ELITE Coach for 2015!! Please help me congratulate her on her newest rank! AWESOME JOB!!” – Trevor K – 5 Star Canadian Diamond Coach and 2015 Elite coach

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3 Star Diamond Canadian BeachBody Coach

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