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New Emerald BeachBody Coach from Alberta!!

Alberta is moving forward at record speed in the BeachBody coaching World!

Ligeuna has officially became an Emerald coach as of this last Thursday!

It’s RANK CHANGE DAY!!! ( One of my absolute favourite days of the week) I get the privilege of announcing and congratulating some coaches!

HUGE congrats this morning goes out to Ligeuna Dreessen on becoming an Emerald Team BeachBody Coach!!!!

I am so unbelievably proud of your girl! You hard work, determination, and dedication to helping people along their weight loss journey is evident with this rank change. Thanks for the Facebook chats every day and keeping me on my toes.

The really neat thing is that you are SO CLOSE TO RUBY and DIAMOND!!! Way to Go Girl, you are just getting started!

New Canada Emerald BeachBody Coach

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