abcabcabdd I am a TOP CANADA COACH…. WHAT!!!! :D – LindyJordan
Two Star Diamond  Canada beachBody Coach


I almost FELL off my Seat when the elite BeachBody Coach leaderboard came out for Canada and the company as a whole (North America wide)

I am a top Canada Team BeachBody Coach!!!!!

I am not going to lie, I have an absolutely kick butt team of beachBody Coaches who are really pushing hard and inspiring 100’s of people start their health & fitness journey with our programs, shakes, and support!! Our programs WORK and my amazing coaches have gotten unreal results with them themselves that most of them promote them (coach)! Our team has helped 100’s of men and women all over North America get started on their weight loss journey with us, how awesome is that???

Two Star Diamond  Canada beachBody Coach

I owe my HUGE successes to my team of BeachBody Coaches!  I am so close to passing my 1 year mark with this amazing company and the Team BeachBody Coaching Opportunity ( it’s hard to believe what has happened in 1 year! I will make a post about that on the day, it really makes me excited to see how I started from 1 coach to having 264 coaches working with me in almost a year!)

That you Thank You Thank you to the coaches who fight with me each and every day to help end the trend of obesity in North America. Together we are creating an army of life savers and life changers!

Just this last Friday I was informed that I have been ranked #29 (in a 3 way tie) for all of the Canadian Coach and ranked #302 in over 300,000 coaches across North America!!!!!  It’s  just a surprise, blessing, and honour to receive these rank recognition. I am so truly passionate about this company, the programs, and teaching my coaches how to succeed that it seems so funny that I am receiving this recognition for doing something that I absolutely love!!! When you do what you love, it doesn’t feel like work.

Happy Saturday All <3 <3

Stay Inspired, and dream big!

Top Canada Coach

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