1 Star Diamond BeachBody Coach Canada

Another New 1 Star Diamond Coach Here in Canada!!!

Yep you heard that right!!! My team has another 1 Star Diamond BeachBody Coach from Kelowna Canada.

This girl has been with me almost from the very beginning. Her and I worked side by side, had friendly competitions with each other and built out businesses at record speed ( her 1 star Diamond is evident of that!)

I can guarantee you that she is not going to stop here, she is just getting started with her new 1 star Diamond Beachbody Coach rank advancement this Thursday .

I have watched her build up a huge army of go getters- coaches who are getting out there each day to help those who need a little inspiration & motivation to get started on their weight loss journey! Her vastly growing team has helped hundreds of women and men all over North America hit their weight loss goals all through virtual challenge groups, isn’t that incredible?


Every time this gal sets a goal she hits it, no questions asked!! I remember when she had set her week to Emerald goal and it was the last day and she hadn’t hit it. Kashlee fought for it and made it happen, this girl has such dedication and drive for what she does each day ! Because of this amazing business Kashlee is able to like a life free of the 9-5 and travel the world, I believe she is even off to Ecuador in the fall to escape the Canadian winters!!! This last spring she was able to live in Mexico for a few months and work her BeachBody business from the beautiful Beaches of Mexico!!

Let’s make sure to keep an eye on this girl. We will soon be seeing her in the SuperStar Diamond club with the million dollar earners! Way to go girl, I am so proud of your entire business, your drive, dedication, and passion to help others succeed in their lives. You are a rock star and I am forever grateful that we have been able to work together and be apart of each others businesses and lives.

~Anything is possible with a dream and dedication to make it happen~

1 Star Diamond BeachBody Coach Canada

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