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New Mac Book Aire

$1432 Surprise Expense and why it makes me smile

YIKES!!! Last night after a late night of being out all I wanted to do was lay in bed and watch an episode of Gossip Girl (Yes, I know what you are thinking but I am addicted to this mindless and entertaining show before going to bed 😉 )

I went tot flip on my Mac Book Air and it just would not turn on! I tried 2 different power cords, 3 differed electrical sockets and nothing seemed to be working. My Mac Book Air was 6 years old, so I was already thinking of getting a new one anyways, just waiting until after I got things moving with the home builders before incurring another expense.

As a home based business builder having a computer is essential to my “job” and being as I do this full time 2-4 hour per day, I needed something STAT to get my day started.  so off to BestBuy I went in North Edmonton and picked out a brand new MacBook Pro 😀 😀

New Mac Book AireNormally I would be furious about this extra (un-neccessary but very necessary expense ) but today it mad me beam ear to ear!

What would happen to you is you incurred a $1432.00 Expense unexpectedly?

Days like this I am so grateful I took the chance to become a BeachBody coach and make an income on the side! Every Thursday is pay day (EVERY) which is amazing. BeachBody Coaching is a legal business in Canada and the United States and soon to be in other countries, which means this beautiful new computer of mine is a business expense which means I can write it off come tax time(BONUS). On top of that, I am now a full time coach so taking 1 hour out of my morning to go and look at a new computer did not effect my day in the slightest.


I have built this business over the last 11.5 months in very part time hours! Just throwing this out there, but wouldn’t it be nice to be prepared for expenses like this in your life? I am not saying you have to become a full time beach body coach like I am, you can build this in very part time hours! I have seen many women and men create very lucrative side incomes while they work full time. The best part is, it is all online!!! You do not need to have home parties, go to board plans, make sure you are at your weekly meetings, spending hours in coffee shops etc etc.. You can build this business on coffee breaks or lunch breaks if you choose, after work, before work, on the weekends or really any time which works best for you!

I am not going to give you all fluff… Yes it does take work and in the beginning more than later on as there will be a learning curve for you, but that is completely normal, and if you think about it normal in every new job as well 😉 ! But everyone who I have seen stick with it (be here for a year is my mentality) has seen success!!

What would you do with a few hundred extra dollars per month?

What about a few thousand extra dollars per month?

or how about 10,000+ extra dollars per month?

Build something on the side. Maybe BeachBody isn’t for you, but there WILL be a company out there. My advice to you is to find someone who is successful in which ever company you align with to show you the ropes and run with them. Everyone CAN build a network marketing business (EVERYONE)!

A few of the reasons why I chose to work with BeachBody ( after researching them for 2 months haha) is because I was getting paid to get healthy myself & share my journey, I am making an impact in other peoples lives, the company is WELL established since 1998 and not going anywhere, our products are FDA approved, we do everything by government standards, pay days are Thursdays, it is a BLAST, I have met some of my bestest friends working with this company. MANY people are successful in making an income each month and your potential earning are endless. (again, in the beginning it may be slow as there is a learning curve as with any company or any new job)

My biggest advice to you is to Stop sitting on the side lines!!! I was so grateful when this expense popped up that I didn’t have to worry about it, especially with building a new house very soon it was an expense I didn’t want to incur.

Happy Thursday all . Reach out to me and let’s chat, I am always looking for new talent, and those select few people who are ready to run fast with me!

As the saying goes “Dig Your Well Before You Are Thirsty!!”

LET’S DO THIS !!! <3 <3

New MacBook


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