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Diamond BeachBody Coach

BAM!!! Another Diamond Coach, Great Work Girl!

GOOD MORNING everyone :)

I get to announce ANOTHER brand new diamond coach today!!! I am so please to share her funny little story with you and her journey so far with coaching.

February 22nd I was sitting in the Pheonix Airport on my way to Mexico when out of the blue I got a Facebook message from Tanner (Danielle’s Fiance) about getting her started as a BeachBody Coach because he thought it would be good for them to get into.

The internet was HORRIBLE at the airport and I kept losing a connection but I was able to send him some info and my join links and I talked to him about starting his own account under hers! And thats exactly what they did.

Fast forward a few months. I was having coffee and a wrap with Coach Danielle Mahovsky – Dedicated to making a better you going over some biz stuff and she told me that she DIDN”T want to be a Beachbody coach and that Tanner had signed her up and just told her that they were doing this!!!! I still can’t stop laughing about their story, I had a google chuckle over it last night again!!

I “stalk” ( as Deanna would say) Danielle’s FB and Fanpage all of the time and cannot even imagine her not being a BeachBody coach!!! this girl was born to be that inspiration peoples lives, she was born to change lives, and she was born to be a leader!!!

I am so excited,happy, blessed and unbelievably proud of your journey, this rank and this milestone that you have reached girl. Next stop is that 1 Star , which is in your very near future <3 <3 <3

Now… gimmie that dancing girl Danielle!!!!

Diamond BeachBody Coach

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