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Facing Your Fears

I posted this yesterday on Facebook and then turned off my wifi for the day.

WOW THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH FOR EVERYONE to clicked on my post to read more (1100 of you), all the likes, the comments, text messages and Facebook messages for al the support you pour into me each and every day <3 <3























“I’m facing my fears in just over an hour

I’ve had my tattoo now since Jan and have wanted it for years BUT there is still that one family member who is going to disagree!

I was going to cover it up Buuttttt why?,to have to put off my anxiety of showing this person? I know they aren’t going to approve and this person means the world to me so it’s harder than ever to face the music but here goes !!! Eeekkkkk. …

I’m 28 and still afraid of dissapointing my father

Wish me luck !!!”

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