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Another Star Diamond BeachBody Coach

I am so proud to announce another Star Diamond Qualifying BeachBody Coach on my team, all the way from Nova Scotia Canada !!

I have refreshed my coach online office screen enough times today and now IT’S finally official, Deanna Robertson is my newest Star Diamond Qualifying BeachBody Coach ( more big news to come tomorrow, so start tuned… this team is ON FIRE!!)

PLEASE HELP ME CELEBRATE the HUGE milestone which Deanna Robertson is in the progress of achieving!! Today she has began her 1 STAR DIAMOND Qualification!!!

There was a point today that I didn’t have any words to speak, I was on the edge of my seat, sweating and hoping that this was all going to come together… I was so nervous yet so excited for Deanna but now it is official and we can celebrate her major accomplishment!!!!!

Tomorrow, May 20th is the cut off to begin Star Diamond qualification to be recognized on stage in front of 25,000 people at Summit!! Deanna has achieve this and a HUGE thank you goes out to each and everyone who has helped her reach this mark by becoming emeralds yourself and growing your businesses. She will be representing all of you & our team along side me this year ( and then next year is YOUR year, and we will sit and cheer you on from the stands as You represent this amazing team!!)

Congratulations Deanna, it won’t be long now until you are a contender for the elite 200! You have been THE FASTEST business builder I have ever seen and one of the fastest I have ever heard of in this company. I am so bless and honoured to be working along side you, able to celebrate your victories with you (virtually for now), and able to call you my friend!

This is just the beginning for you girl!!! You have proven that the sky is the limit when it comes to your business and that the “impossible” is actually very possible. I admire you and everything you stand for, the way you lead your incredible organization, and the way you believe so much in the business and the company. These words aren’t even close to being able to explain the joy, the excitement, the nervousness, the happiness, the happy tears, and the proudness you have bought to me and this team.

CONGRATULATIONS DEANNA, this 1 Star Diamond is soon to officially be yours! – let the 6 weeks of qualification begin

Deanna1Star BeachBody Coach

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