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BeachBody Coaching on Fox 26 News

BeachBody Coaching has hit main stream on Fox 26 News in Houston Texas!!!

A local Houston Texas  BeachBody coach made the big screen, or the news I should say by talking about BeachBody Coaching, and the 21 Day Fix Home Fitness Program!

The segment is less than 5 minutes but touches base on BeachBody Coaching, what the 21 Day Fix Program, and how much money some BeachBody Coaches ARE MAKING !

It is a very well done segment that Fox 26 News put together, if you have a few minutes take a peak!

You can find it on my FanPage OR

by clicking the picture below it will take you to the Fox 26 News report!!!

Now this isn’t the first time BeachBody has been in the news. Many of our celebrity fitness experts have done talk shows over the years, presented their programs on Live with Kelly and Regis and MANY other shows.

Now are you ready to become a BeachBody coach?? Let’s do this!!

BeachBody Coaching Fox 26 News


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