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1 Star Diamond BEachBody Coach

WOW Do I Have An Amazing BeachBody Coaching Team or What <3

I am so blessed to have such an incredible team of BeachBody Coaches

PROUD COACH MOMENT!!! and this girl needs a HUGE recognition!!

One thing I have learned in this business, especially as your team starts to grow is how proud each and everyone of your coaches can make you for all of their hard work, dedication and desire to achieve greatness.

Today I get to recognize miss Kashlee Parmiter as a 1 STAR QUALIFYING Canadian BEACHBODY COACH !!!!!!!

Now for those of you who do not know her story let me share it with you briefly. Kashlee and I met on Twitter ( I meet people in the strangest places, I swear) back in January 2014 and met up in person for a day of skiing on Big White Ski Hill not long after.

…Fast forward to the summer when I moved to Kelowna. I literally had to break this business down to the smallest of details for this girl over a month time frame ( even though I was still so new and didn’t have a clue! ha ha). I knew she was going to be an amazing BeachBody coach and in my head I was going CrAzY wishing she would just hurry up and get signed up… ( so never give up on people in this business, they may be one of your stars! )


A month later she finally got started… Emerald in a week, Diamond in 90 Days, and now I am so excited to be announcing her as a 1 Star Qualifying Diamond!!!

What ever this girl makes for her goals she hits them and I’m not just saying that. It was the day before her 1 week goal to go emerald and she wasn’t there, I remember her telling me that she jumped on the horn and got to work … sure enough she pulled off her emerald rank in 7 days!

I am so proud of you for all your hard work, the amazing team of coaches you are working with daily and all of the growth in your entire business!

I look forward to being able to announce you not only as a qualifying 1 star diamond but in a few short weeks as an official 1 Star Diamond BeachBody Coach!!! and shortly after that 2 Star, 3 Star and all the way up to 15 because YOU ARE JUST GETTING STARTED !!!

1 Star Diamond BEachBody Coach

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