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BeachBody Coaching Canada

Do You Want To Become A BeachBody Coach?

Canada BeachBody Coach Looking to Add 5 Dedicated New Coaches

Would you be the right fit to join our BeachBody Coaching team?

I am looking for:

  • 5 Dedicated Individuals this month
  • Must be wanting to start your fitness journey or already be on your fitness journey
  • Must be interested in helping change lives
  • Must want to be your own boss
  • Must be willing to learn
  • Much like product discounts
  • Must like working alongside a RockStar Team
  • Must have a desire to success
  • Must want financial freedom






I started BeachBody coaching June 17th 2014, coming up to my year mark. I was a little nervous getting started and wasn’t sure where this journey was going to take me. Recently getting out of surgery my doctor told me I was to stay out of the gym for at least 6 months and we would re-visit it at that point to see if I was healed enough to pump that iron. Staying away from the gym was HARD!

I got a little depressed, I gained weight. I was always a fit individual and gaining 17 pounds while losing ALOT of muscle mass sure changes your physique. I no longer felt confident in my own skin :( :( I headed to the gym to do upper body workouts and decided I would run on the tread mill to try and lose of the weight I have gained .., I ended up being in so much pain, almost heading back to the hospital that I decided that was NOT an option again.

BeachBodyCoachCanadaOne of my girlfriends suggested that I look into the BeachBody home workouts. I am not going to lie, and you can even ask her, I kind of laughed when she told me about home workouts. I was always under the impression that I had to be at the gym, working out 1-2 hours per day to see any results. But I knew I had to do something and it needed to be low impact because of my recent surgery. I had now of a lot of people who had amazing success with the Insanity Program and P90X .. so I thought What the Heck, lets just do it! So I signed up for BeachBody with the PiYo challenge pack.

The pictures above are from March 2015, almost a year later on my fitness journey. I am so unbelievably impressed with the results I have gotten from the BeachBody products paired with my Shakeology each and every day! These results are better than I have had from spending hours at the gym for years!

BeachBody Coaching Canada


I looked into the coaching opportunity right away and decided I wanted to go full tilt forward with it. My friends & family already asked fitness & nutrition advice from me, they liked to workout with me and came to me for encouragement and support. That was exactly what a BeachBody coach does, so I decided it was also a great was for me to stay accountable to my fitness goals. If I put myself out there as a BeachBody coach I had to stay on my fitness journey, so thats exactly what I did, I put myself out there. I was scared but this was the change that I needed!

I soon noticed that women were coming to me looking for help and wanted to know what I was doing for my workouts. I shared with them the awesome BeachBody program which I was doing at the time, PIYO, and some of them got started with me as fitness challengers and some got started with me as a coach themselves for the discount & some to build the business!

I quickly found the more I shared my journey, the more people wanted to work with me!!!  This is what I always wanted, to make a living inspiring people to change their lives and the better part was that I was able to be on my journey at the same time on my own journey! 

BeachBody coaching became a way of life for me, it has become my full time job, it has become my life and I LOVE EVERY MOMENT OF IT! 



How do you know if you would be a good BeachBody coach?

  1. You are pumped about losing weight and getting in shape.  You talk about your workouts and your Shakeology with your friends and family.
  2. You eat sleep and drink your workouts and lifestyle changes!
  3.  You love to help other people and are passionate about supporting others in their fitness journey as well.
  4.  You already work in the fitness industry but would like a little to expand your realm of expertise even further.
  5. You enjoy working out with others and motivating others to stay in shape and get healthy.
  6. You want to start your fitness journey and want to stay accountable & get a discount on the awesome products!

How to Get Started As A Independent BeachBody Coach

** I would love to hear from each of you who is interested you can message me on Facebook to say hi and to ask all questions 😀 ** 

There are two different options when getting started on your BeachBody Coach Journey

  1. One time fee of $40.00US. This fee covers all 3 websites that BeachBody gives to you. You will receive your main BeachBody site. This is the site I send people who when they are looking to purchase a challenge pack, vitamins, clothes, or anything else BeachBody related . The second site will be your Shakeology site, which you can send people to for any information, recipes, before/ after and everything Shakeology
  2. The second way is to become a coach though a challenge pack sale. This is the way I recommend to everyone because you are getting a fitness program + 30 day supply of shakeology at a discounted rate AND your coaching fee os $40.00 is immediately waived! This is what I did and loved it, I was able to become a product of the product immediately and it helped when recommending program to people 😀 The challenge packs vary in price, each month we have different ones on sale too! Please reach out to me if you’d like and I can recommend which challenge pack I would recommend based on your goals. To sign up this way and click on “coach”, enter in your info, choose your challenge pack, choose your shakeology flavour and then say hi or I will reach out to you within 48hours!

I am a VERY active coach with my coaches and fitness challengers! I love my team and will do absolutely anything in my power to help you succeed as a BeachBody coach. But I must say as long as you are on your own journey, using the products you WILL succeed as a coach!






I am proof that when you are on our fitness journey, and want to share it with everyone else that you WILL be successful as a BeachBody Coach! I have been a coach for 10.5 months now and I am ranked #386 in 300,000 Independent BeachBody Coaches in North America and #35 BeachBody Coach in Canada!! I am a qualifying 2 Star Diamond BeachBody Coach at the time of writing this and very soon will be a qualifying 3 Star Diamond Beachbody Coach in Canada

This is such a rewarding ‘career’ If you are looking for a change, looking for a way to be that inspiration in someones life,  looking for a discount on amazing products, looking to know because of You someone didn’t give up on their dream.. then you need to look into becoming a coach <3

Please reach out to me on Facebook if you have any questions at all , I answer everything very open & honestly! Let’s lock arms and do this together!!





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