abcabcabdd WHAT … Ranked #35 BeachBody Elite Coach In ALL CANADA!! – LindyJordan

WHAT … Ranked #35 BeachBody Elite Coach In ALL CANADA!!

WHAT Ranked #35 BeachBody Elite Coach In ALL CANADA!!

WOW!!! I really don’t know what to say right now! I am in awe. #35 in Elite Canada BeachBody Coach and 386 in ALL of BeachBody North America!

I am one proud Edmonton based BeachBody Coach!

Thank you thank you thank you goes out to my amazing team for all their help in me reaching this HUGE milestone. I am so proud of each and everyone of you! and honoured to be on this journey with you <3

I definitely have to take a few moments and brag this Friday morning!!

Last night I was out celebrating with my boyfriend, his friends & a few of my friends for his birthday. I turned my phone off for the night and woke up to many amazing messages, comments, and likes from complete strangers on a job well done hitting both the elite leader boards for Canada and North America (I am one happy and proud gal this morning)

I am on cloud 9 right now! Last month I was ranked 456 in over 300,000 coaches in North America and this month I have become 386.

In Canada last month I was ranked top 40 Elite at #37 and this month I have achieved #35.. I am NOT stopping here and … I am so proud and honoured to have 2 amazing Diamond coaches who are also top leaders on the BeachBody Elite leaderboards!

  • HUGE Shout out to Deanna for ranking #1119 in over 300,000 coaches throughout North America 
  • HUGE Shout out to Kashlee for ranking #1041 in over 300,000 coaches throughout North America

Kashlee BeachBody Coach

You ladies both build your business very differently but have 1 major goal in common to help as many people as you possibly can on their journey through health & fitness… and these amazing number you both have in elite represent how great of a job you are doing <3

Deanna Elite Ranking BeachBody Coach Canada

BUT most importantly none of us 3 could have achieved an elite status without the help of our amazing coaches who are changes lives each and every day. These are my words but I think I can speak for the 3 of us, THANK YOU for allowing us to represent our team(for now, we need some help), thank you for being part of something HUGE with us, thank you for reaching out and inspiring people to change their live through health fitness & finances, Thank you for being an inspiration and driving us forward, Thank you for believing in us, Thank you for believing in yourselves, Thank you for being you and thank you for being on this amazing journey with all of us. It makes me very excited, smiling ear to ear knowing that each month we have more and more and more coaches joining us in elite!!

Lindy Elite BeachBody Coach Canada

Happy Friday Coaches,Fitness Challengers, Friends, Family, & Followers 

~Inspire to Inspire, your dreams ARE with it, and never stop pushing towards them ~

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