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The End of Exercise – BeachBody CIZE Is ALMOST HERE!!

The End of Exercise is almost here!! You heard that right! BeachBody is releasing another new workout program CIZE by Shaun T

I had the privilege along with 300 other Edmonton BeachBody coaches to give Shaun T’s CIZE a try and let me tell you it is AMAZING!!

When I was told that Shaun T’s CIZE Was a dance based work out program this went through my brain:

  1. I CAN’T Dance
  2. There is NO way a dance based workout going to make me feel anything or get results!!

BeachBody CIZE Shaun T

My Thoughts on BeachBody’s Newest ‘Workout’ CIZE

I was definitely wrong about my initial thoughts! I still can’t dance but I can do Beachbody’s CIZE and so can you :) The Steps are very easily broken down so you can follow along, and it was ALOT of fun! Almost ever one of the 300 people in attendance was up and dancing.

As for dancing not getting me in shape, well that was also false! I was sweating by the end of the program, and the next day my upper back and glutes were on fire. All around it was an amazing workout and I would highly recommend it to anyone!!

What Exactly is Shaun T’s CIZE workout?

Shaun T decided it was time to change things up again! Time to shock the systems, say good bye to those pesky lunges and squats while saying hello to a fun filled dance routine that will whip you into shape without you even knowing it!!!

The End Of Exercise is Coming – CIZE is here!!


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Happy BeachBody Cizing

BeachBody Cize Shaun T


Now this is VERY embarrassing because I have those 2 left feet I was telling you about BUT one of my besties and fellow Edmonton BeachBody Coach Nicole took a video of her and I doing the CIZE and added it into the corporate video for the program. If you have a second definitely take a peak, it will give you a lot better of an idea of what this amazing workout all about!

WHO IS EXCITED FOR CIZE!!!! I know many of us Edmonton BeachBody Coaches are pumped especially after testing the workout out the other day!!!

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Also don’t forget to follow my fanpage I will be running another challenge group for this program the SECOND it is released!!! Be one of the first and LET’S DO THIS!!!!

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Cizing it up BeachBody style in Edmonton! WOOT WOOT so much fun!!

BeachBody Cize Shaun T



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